Shipping and Deliveries

Shipping via Fedex

If shipping FedEx Express domestic, create a shipping label using the online FedEx tool in Oracle.

If you don't have access to the FedEx Oracle module, please request it by filling out the FedEx Access Request Form.

For FedEx International and Ground shipments, fill out the Shipping Form and bring the package to the Loading Dock in the LISE Building or 52 Oxford Street. There are carts available in the loading dock area as well as some packing materials.

Before shipping items internationally, you need to make sure that there are no Export Control restrictions that apply to either the item that is shipped, the recipient, the recipient’s institution or the country it is shipped to. For assistance in this process contact the FAS/SEAS Export Control Administrator .

You can contact the Shipping Dock if you need help with larger packages – the business hours are 7am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

  • 9 Oxford Street (for LISE, McKay, Pierce, Maxwell Dworkin, Cruft buildings)

Please contact Alyson Galipeau: tel: 617-496-4489 email:

  • 52 Oxford Street (for Northwest, ESL 58 Oxford St and 60 Oxford St. buildings)

Please contact Jesse Machado: tel: 617-496-5432 cell 978-335-1091

FedEx packages are also picked up from the cabinet marked ‘FedEx’ in the Pierce Hall mailroom at 2:30 pm daily. If you need a package to go out the same day and miss the 2:30 pm deadline, please bring it to the FedEx drop box outside of Maxwell Dworkin, where pick-up occurs at 6 pm.


SEAS has a central 'Ship to' location, which is the Loading Dock in the McKay Building, at 9 Oxford Street. After packages arrive there, they are delivered throughout the SEAS campus by the Receiving group.

Packages for 52, 58 and 60 Oxford Street are received in the 52 Oxford Street loading dock.

Please do not forget to receive the package electronically in iProcurement upon verifying that your order arrived complete.

For more information about shipping and receiving please contact