Vendor/ Vendor Setup related

Adding a vendor to online database:


  • ST-2 - Massachusetts Sales Tax Exempt certificate

  • ST-5 - Massachusetts Sales Tax Exempt Purchaser Certificate

  • ST-5C - Contractor Sales Tax Exempt Purchaser Certificate

  • Other states sales tax exempt certificates (please note, Harvard University is not sales tax exempt in all states)

  • Info sheet for Non-US residents (used to gather information necessary to process a vendor request; it is not required.). Upon vendor request approval, the Non-resident Alien receives a follow up email with login information to the Glacier system. The individual needs to log in and complete the Glacier questionnaire, print out the generated forms, sign them and send to Harvard UFS NRA Tax Compliance Office (paper copies to 'NRA Tax; 1033 Mass Ave 2nd Fl, Cambridge, MA 02138)

  • Harvard University's W9

  • Harvard University Credit and Trade references

  • W9 form - blank (for vendors to fill out during initial setup)

Frequently asked questions:

1. I submitted a vendor request over 3 days ago and I still don't see the vendor's name in iProcurement.

Please look in your Vendor Request Notifications (in the main Oracle screen open the 'Vendor Request' folder and click on 'Notifications') to see if your request has been rejected. If so, please look at the reason for rejection and if appropriate, resubmit the request with necessary changes. Quite often the reason for rejection is that the vendor already exists in Oracle.

If there is no notification concerning your request, please contact the Customer Relations Team at 8-1112. Please have the vendor request ID number ready when you call. You can get that number by going to 'Vendor Request' and clicking on the 'List of my requests' button.

2. A vendor doesn't come up when I attempt to create a requisition but I can see that vendor in the vendor request search.

Most likely the vendor has been inactivated - please see if there's an inactivation date to the right of the vendor's name in the vendor request screen. If so, click on the inactivation date and proceed to submit a reactivation request. Please note, that it takes about 3 business days to reactivate a vendor.

3. I submitted a Non-US Citizen vendor request but the individual hasn't received a GLACIER login information email.

First, please ask them to check their spam/junk email folder and confirm that they are looking in the email account you supplied when submitting the vendor request.
If this is not the issue, the individual may already have an existing GLACIER account with Harvard University, in which case they will NOT receive the login email. from  They will need to login and update their existing account by going to  If they have forgotten or lost their login information there is a “Forgot Login” button on the login screen.

4. What is GLACIER?

GLACIER is a secure online tax compliance system that allows the foreign individual to enter in their personal information and automatically calculates their U.S. tax residency status.  If they are determined to be a nonresident for tax purposes, it will then:

•Determine the proper withholding rate for various types of income, and
•Determine whether a tax treaty would apply to exempt any of the income from withholding.
As an Admin, you will not be involved in filling out GLACIER forms and you will not need to collect them, unless you decide to make it a part of your process.
Once you submit a vendor request for a foreign individual, a system generated email with GLACIER login instructions will be sent out to the individual. You can inform them about this ahead of time by sending an email (feel free to use the template email).
Your vendor request will not be approved until the NRA Tax group receives the filled out and signed copy of the GLACIER generated forms. Once that step is completed, you will be able to process a payment/reimbursement to the individual.

4. Does a foreign individual who has not been to the United States need to fill out GLACIER?

No. When submitting a vendor request, under Visa type enter 'NE' (No entry to U.S.).