Wire transfers/ Bank Drafts/ Emergency checks

Domestic wires are not allowed unless prior authorization is granted by the Financial Operations office.

Wires are processed in US currency ($1000 and above), Foreign currency (any amount in the local currency used by the payee), or USD to Foreign currency.

Completed wire forms, along with the invoice, should be uploaded to the requisition.

Once the wire instructions have been confirmed by our office, the forms will be sent via courier to AP for processing/payment.

For further instructions, contact the Financial Operations office at procurementhelp@seas.harvard.edu.

Wire transfer forms (US and Foreign Currency)

The information below is required prior to submitting the wire form for approval:

Bank Name

Bank Address

Bank Account number

Bank Account name (usually same as the Vendor's name)

ABA number OR SWIFT code


BANK DRAFTS - a bank draft is a paper check made out in foreign currency

Bank draft form

To properly fill out the Bank draft form you need the following information:

Payee (vendor) name

Payee address



This service accommodates processing outside of the standard check service. Harvard will issue checks outside the standard check process for non-routine situations only. Please contact the SEAS Financial Operations group with questions.