Arrivals and Departures, June 2014

Comings and goings at SEAS

Tim Fater has joined SEAS as Director of Accounting and Financial Operations, reporting to Tim Doyle. He was previously at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Kyle Maguire has joined SEAS as a Software Developer in the Computing Office.

Thouis (Ray) Jones, Senior Research Scientist at SEAS, has received a concurrent appointment as Lecturer on Computational Science for the Fall 2014 term.

Meg Hastings is now Area Director for Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

William Walker has moved from the Student Affairs Office to the Finance team. His job responsibilities—handling graduate student financial aid issues—are unchanged.

Rob Bowden, Preceptor in Computer Science, will leave on June 30, and Dan Armendariz will take up the post on July 15.

Lecturer Donatello Materassi has left SEAS. His last day was May 31.

Lecturer David Knezevic will leave on June 30.

Michael Young's appointment as Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser Visiting Professor of Australian Studies ends on June 30.

Danny Kim, a staff scientist in Lene Hau's group, left SEAS on April 25.

Tara Manicsic, assistant to Jim Anderson, left SEAS on May 9 to move out of the New England area.

Jen Casasanto, Director of Education and Research, has left SEAS to become Associate Dean for Administration and Planning at Brown University. Her last day was May 30.

Katie Higgins, Administrative Manager for Research for Jennifer Lewis and Shmuel Rubinstein, has left SEAS to take a new position at the Harvard School of Public Health. Her last day was May 31.