SEAS Mission, Vision and Values


Through teaching and collaborative research, SEAS discovers, designs and creates novel technologies and approaches to societal challenges—in service to the world, the nation, and our community. We bridge disciplines, both within engineering and the applied sciences and beyond, to prepare broadly trained leaders, to advance foundational science, and to achieve translational impact.

SEAS is where engineering, foundational science and the liberal arts converge. Through education and research, we address global challenges and serve society.


In 10 years, SEAS will…

  • Have a global reputation as top engineering program
  • Be a hub with buzz
    • draw students, faculty from across Harvard
    • engage the community, industry
  • Have new, re-invented, better space in Allston and Cambridge
  • Be more diverse (faculty, staff, students)
  • Host more high-impact industry partnerships, translational research
  • Have a critical mass of faculty
  • Be a model for  cross-university collaboration
  • Play a greater role in Gen Ed
  • Be an engaged citizen within our communities


  • Respect for all
  • Nimbleness, agility
  • Serve the greater good
  • Institutional citizenship
  • Safe to express ideas
  • Creativity in pedagogy, research, operations
  • Welcoming to individuals from diverse backgrounds, perspectives