Meet Some People Who Work at SEAS

  • Tiffany Chan
  • Shweta Chhetri
  • Ben Garvin
  • John Girash
  • Maddie Hickman
  • Julie Holbrook
  • Ann Marie King
  • Jill Larson
  • Chris Lombardo
  • Rich McGirr
  • Jason Ortega
  • Rady Rogers
  • Heidi Shea
  • Julia Summers
  • Patrick Ulrich
  • Bob Yantosca

A saxophone player, a pastor, a yoga enthusiast, a coach:  each of us has a story to tell.  This series of photographs highlights a few of the people who work at SEAS and the passion they bring to their work at Harvard. 

All of us at SEAS are proud of our faculty, researchers and students.  We are also proud of our staff, whose diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and expertise contribute to the success of our school every day. 

Photographs by Eliza Grinnell