Performance Development and Training

The Office for Human Resources works to establish a culture of training and development for staff members at SEAS.

Numerous training sessions are offered throughout the year onsite or nearby, and participation in Harvard's Center for Workplace Development (CWD) training sessions is encouraged. These sessions include training on written communication, interpersonal communication, team/individual productivity, management, and career development. Various leadership development programs are offered as well, tailored to job level, management experience, and other needs.

The Harvard Training Portal is your one-stop-shop for professional learning, career development, finance and PeopleSoft job aids, courses, policy and other online courses, mandatory Environmental Health & Safety Training, and more. The Portal also tracks all your prior training history from these systems, as well as courses that were already assigned to you.

Participation in Harvard's Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) is also encouraged and a large percentage of SEAS staff take advantage of this benefit. Most staff who use TAP do so through the Harvard Extension School, whether for single courses or in a degree program.  Enrollment at other local institutions for work-related courses and programs is possible as well.

Staff development is promoted through the use of Performance Management. It is a basis for ongoing, constructive conversations between staff members and their managers, and includes setting goals, an interim review, and an annual assessment.