Performance Management

SEAS will continue to use a paper-based Performance Conversations form for FY19. Like last year, the form will be uploaded at year-end into PeopleSoft. However, there is one major change this year—ratings.

The University heard a range of opinions, from appreciation to concern, about the elimination of ratings during the pilot and decided to return to a ratings system for FY19, in response to those who feel it provides greater clarity, and to document the rationale for variations in pay.

SEAS has simplified the reintroduction of ratings by only using two of the four University text-based ratings:

  • Full/Consistent Impact
  • Learning/Building


During the month of October, managers and employees should begin this year’s Performance Conversations and begin filling out Performance Conversations forms, especially to document goals/priorities and professional development plans for FY19. (The form is available in the Resources section below.)

November through April:
Managers and employees will meet at frequencies they decide on to have ongoing performance conversations. The dates of those discussions and any related meeting notes should be documented on the FY19 Performance Conversations form in the “Connection” section.

YEAR END DEADLINE:  Saturday, June 15
Managers and employees should schedule a year-end conversation and complete the Annual Summary sections on the Performance Conversations form in early May. The deadline to upload the forms into PeopleSoft, select ratings, and complete the process is Saturday, June 15, 2019.


The Center for Workplace Development (CWD) created two videos that illustrate best practices for high quality manager/staff discussions:

SEAS is committed to supporting employee growth and development, and performance conversations and the overall performance management process allow for meaningful conversations and feedback to be exchanged in a timely manner. It is important to make this a priority as you plan your work processes for FY19.

Please feel free to reach out to any member of the HR team if you wish to have an individual conversation about performance management, the process and best practices.

FY19 Performance Conversations Form
FY19 Ratings Scale with Definitions