Absence Management

Due to the liability of employee paid time off, which includes vacation, personal and sick time, managers are required to approve their reports’ use and banking of time through PeopleSoft Manager Self Service.

For access, please go to HARVie and choose “Go to: PeopleSoft.”

Vacation, Sick and Personal Time

Both exempt and overtime-eligible staff request vacation, sick and personal time through Self Service > Absence Request.

Request submissions are due:

  • Overtime-eligible staff: by 12:00pm every Thursday
  • Exempt staff: by 12:00pm on the last Wednesday of the month

Managers must approve requests each Friday by 12:00pm.

Weekly Time

Overtime-eligible staff are also required to enter time worked on PeopleSoft time sheets.  These sheets are found through Self Service as well.

  • Time entry by overtime-eligible staff is due by 12:00pm every Thursday.

 Managers must approve time sheets every Friday by 12:00pm

This is done by going to Manager Self Service > Time Reporting and Absence Management > Approve Time and Absences > Approve Reported Time.

Further Information and Assistance

For documents on these processes, please visit:

For online training or to browse in-person course, please visit the Training Portal.

If you have questions or need to change a time entry or an absence request, contact us at 4-7828.