Drug/Alcohol and Smoking Policies

Drugs/Alcohol Policy

Violations of laws relating to controlled substances or alcohol are prohibited on Harvard premises, in vehicles provided by Harvard, at any work site or location at which University duties are being performed by Harvard staff members, or as part of any other Harvard activities. Employees may not manufacture, use, distribute, or dispense controlled substances in the workplace.

Common examples of controlled substances, as defined by law, are cocaine, marijuana, and heroin.

The University will take disciplinary action against violators. Such disciplinary action may include:

  • satisfactory participation in a substance abuse treatment, counseling or education program,
  • suspension,
  • termination of employment and referral for prosecution.

No Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited inside all Harvard buildings and outside all SEAS buildings. All forms of tobacco use including cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco are prohibited inside all Harvard buildings, offices, in Harvard Yard, and outside all SEAS buildings.