Temporary Employee Hiring Process

The SEAS HR office serves as the central point of contact for contingent (temporary) labor recruiting and hiring, done through Yoh, Harvard's Master Service Provider. If you need to hire a contingent worker, please contact Tomye Little, 4-7828, (tlittle@seas.harvard.edu). An overview of the SEAS contingent labor hiring process can be found here. For more information on contingent labor at Harvard, please visit: Harvard Contingent Workforce.

Temporary Payroll Employees

As described in SEAS' Employment Policy, temporary employees can be Administrative/Professional Staff, Support Staff, and Harvard students who hold limited appointments with a predetermined end date. These appointments are used only when there is a temporary increase in workload requiring a temporary need for support. 

In order to ensure that we are fully compliant with Harvard collective bargaining agreements, all temporary workers must be hired through Human Resources.

Human Resources must be aware of all appointments that will include work in laboratories as safety training is required for all lab employees. 

For more information on University-wide policies: Harvard Human Resources FAQ on Temporary and LHT positions

Student Employment

SEAS does not mandate specific wages for particular student jobs, but we list the Harvard Student Employment Office’s Federal Work Study Program (FWSP) pay rates on the Temporary Payroll Appointment Form as a guideline. 

Current FWSP rate:

Minimum $12.00/hour

These rates do not apply to students working as Course Assistants or Lab Proctors, whose rates are set by the Office of Undergraduate Education. In addition, these rates do not apply to Teaching Fellows and Research Assistants, whose rates are set by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Additional information related to student employment wage rate guidelines can be found here: http://seo.harvard.edu/wage-ranges

Temporary hiring process
(For students, recruited temps, and less-than-halftime temps):

Step-by-step instructions on how to hire a temp at SEAS


  • Print out the SEAS Temporary Payroll Appointment Form and the employee documentation forms (I-9, W-4 (2019), M-4, FNIF).
  • These documents may not be needed if the candidate has been paid by Harvard University in the past 12 months.
  • Contact HR for clarification if candidate does not recall his/her pay history.
  • Send the temporary candidate to Human Resources with his/her employee documentation forms and necessary documentation (e.g., passport or driver’s license and social security card).
  • Please note: neither you nor Human Resources may provide assistance in the filling out of tax forms. Candidates may seek guidance at www.irs.gov, by searching online for withholding calculators, and/or by speaking with an accountant.
  • Tax deductions may be submitted in paper form or via PeopleSoft Self Service.
  • Human Resources must see the original employee documentation and complete the bottom section of the I-9 form.


  • Have temporary candidate fill out Section I of the Temporary Payroll Appointment Form, clearly print his/her name and sign on signature line 1.
  • If you will be the supervisor, fill out Section II, print your name, and sign on signature line 2.
  • If you are completing this form for a faculty member or manager, fill out Section II, clearly print his/her name, and have the faculty member/manager sign on signature line 2.


  • The fund number determines who gives budget approval on signature line 3:
  • For funds 000001 or 483467, send form to the Budget Office for budget approval.
  • For funds 100000-299999, send form to the faculty member’s representative in Research Administration for approval.
  • For gift funds 300000-399999, start-up funds 483XXX, or other funds, send form to appropriate Accounting Office Contact for approval.
  • When signed, send form to Human Resources.

If information on the Temp Payroll Appointment Form is incomplete when submitted to Human Resources, the form will be returned to you.


  • Human Resources submits the employee documentation forms to Central Payroll and prepares the temp’s hiring form in PeopleSoft.
  • Payroll submits the temp hiring form in PeopleSoft. The temp then becomes active and eligible to start working.


  • If a temp does not yet have a HUID or HarvardKey and access to PeopleSoft, he/she should request a HarvardKey.
  • It is strongly recommended that temps sign up for direct deposit via PeopleSoft Self Service. Directions on setup can be found here.
  • Temps are required to submit signed time sheets to Bill Rasschaert (brasscha@seas.harvard.edu) each Friday by noon. Timesheet for SEAS Temporary Employees
  • Time sheets must be signed by the temp’s supervisor or an authorized designee.
  • Signatures and printed names must be legible.
  • Temps will be paid for their work the following Friday.