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Joint Council

The SEAS Joint Council is a consensus-driven advisory group that provides a forum for the discussion of various workplace matters having a significant impact on staff. Compromised of equal representation from both the Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers (HUCTW) and exempt staff, the SEAS Joint Council functions as a cross-section of the SEAS community and focuses on promoting communication between senior leadership, management, and staff.

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The SEAS Joint Council members are:

  • Brandon Tilghman
  • Dina Adams
  • Heidi Shea
  • Jason Calieri
  • Jen Vasquez
  • Joel Veak
  • Jill Larson
  • Michaela Kapp
  • Nora McDonald
  • Radha Suraj

This group meets regularly with representatives from HUCTW to chat about topics of concern from the staff and things that might need to be addressed, etc.

HUCTW representatives:

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