REU Participant/Institution Project Title & Advisors
Michelle Burgos (01) / Univ. of Puerto Rico Controlling protein adsorption to synthetic surfaces by reversible deposition of metal ions
Advisors: Whitesides/Erik Holmlin
Kyle Clark (02) / Harvard Development of an apparatus to measure mechanical properties of thin films
Advisor: Vlassak
Bebajyoti Datta (01) / Harvard Sub-cellular micromachining
Advisors: Mazur/Chris Schaffer
Paul Daubenmire (01) / Harvard Synthesis of 2D polymers on monolaryer surfaces
Advisors: Whitesides/Abe Stroock
Nathan Ferris (01) / U.C. at Berkeley Fabrication and testing of components for microfluidic analysis systems
Advisors: Whitesides/Paul Kenis
Nicholas Guydosh (01) / Harvard Studies of single molecule enzymatic kinetics
Advisor: Xie
Alan Jamison (02) / Harvard Electron microscopy studies of femtosecond laser-damaged glass
Advisors: Mazur/Chris Schaffer
James Krocak (01) / Univ. of Minnesota Crystallization of spherical surfaces
Advisor: Weitz
Andrea Huang Kurtz (01) / Harvard Synthesis of aluminum nanocrystals
Advisor: Park
Roberto Martinez (01) / Christian Brothers Electrical transport in quantum dots
Advisors: Narayanamurti/Chavva Reddy
Alexander Mastroianni (02) / Harvard Controlled binding of nanowires to surfaces
Advisors: Lieber/Tom Rueckes
Anthony Mroczkowski (01) / The Cooper Union Studies of He filled nanotubes
Advisor: Silvera
Osahan Omoregie (02) / Harvard Fabrication of 3D electronic devices by self-assemby
Advisors: Whitesides/David Gracias
Marlyn Rivera (01) / Univ. of Puerto Rico Fabrication of ceramic microstructures by soft lithography
Advisors: Whitesides/Hong Yang
Adam Shepard (03) / Bates College Fabrication and electrical transport through suspended nanotube molecular wires
Advisor: Lieber
Aaron Snead (02) / Harvard Controlled sequential 2D mesoscale self-assembly
Advisors: Whitesides/Daniel Wolfe
Matthew Thrasher (03) / Harvard Quantum tunneling effects of nanostructures on a lined surface
Advisors: Golovchenko/John Chervinsky
Luis Valentin (01) / Univ. of Puerto Rico Damage and transition thresholds in semiconductors
Advisors: Mazur/Chris Roeser
Dorothy Wang (02) / Univ. Pennsylvania Drying and cracking of mud
Advisors: Weitz/Anthony Dinsmore
Anit Samoilov (01) / Technion Growth and characterization of ZnO films
Advisor: Vlassak