REU Participant
(Graduation YR)/Institution
Project Title & Advisors
Jermaine Baldwin (03) / University of Chicago Thin Film Fabrication for Detection of Planets Orbiting Distant Stars
Advisors: Aziz/ Dr. Peter Nisenson
Heidi Behrens (03) / University of California at Irvine Combining Mass Spectrometry and Fluorescence: A New Way to Study Biological Molecules
Advisors: Dr. Joel Parks (Rowland Institute)/ Dr. Allison Danell
Vincent Chu (03) / Harvard University Manipulation of DNA Using a Micro-electromagnet
Advisors: Westervelt/ Hak-Ho Lee
Anuja De Silva (04) / Mt. Holyoke College Stability of Model Pastes
Advisors: Weitz/ Dr. Maria Kilfoil
Agnes Duri (03) / University of Montpellier, France Defect Engineering in Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes
Advisor: Park
Elisa Otero Franqui (04) / University of Puerto Rico Investigating the Compatibility of PDMS Microfluidic Systems with Organic Solvents
Advisors: Whitesides/ Dr. Jessamine Ng
Nathan Greenblatt (03) / Harvard University Propagation of Cracks in Suspensions
Advisors: Weitz/ Eric Dufresne
Daniel Halperin (04) / MIT Fundamental Studies of the Interactions between ECM Proteins and Synthetic Materials
Advisors: Whitesides/ Justin Jiang
Debra Karni (03) / Technion University, Israel Determination of the Thermoelastic Constants of Sapphire from Curvature Measurement
Advisors: Spaepen/ Andrea Del Vecchio
Jonas Lee (03)/ University of Illinois Electron Transport through Individual Organic Molecules
Advisor: Park
Jonathan Mapel (03) / University of Southern California Solid State Metal-molecule-metal Nanojunctions Using Gallium and Other Low Melting Point Alloys
Advisors: Whitesides/ Dr. Laurie Calvet, Jennah Kriebel
Joe Markson (03) / Harvard University Real-time Visualization of Single Transcription and Translation Events in vivo
Advisor: Xie
Christopher Mercaldi (04) / Harvard University Investigation of Stress in ZnO films
Advisor: Vlassak
Harold Nyikal (04) / Howard University Mechanics of Foam
Advisors: Stone/ Dr. Stephan Koelher, Mark Durand
Stella S. Offner (03) / Wellesley College 3-D Modeling of Electrorheological Suspensions in a Shear-flow
Advisors: Weitz/ Professor Yue Hu (Wellesley)
Anna Pilipienko (04 )/ University of Pennsylvania Study of the Mechanical Properties of Microgels, Pastes and Suspensions
Advisors: Weitz/ Vernita Gordon, Christopher Love
Chanda Prescod-Weinstein (03) / Harvard University Frequency Stable, Solid State Laser Diode System for Chip-based Slow Light Experiments
Advisor: Hau
Alfreda Purdon (03) / Harvard University Fabrication of Magnetic Nanowire
Advisors: Westervelt/ Chungsok Lee
Barbara Richter (04) / Harvard University Self-directed Growth and Assembly of Metal Nanostructures on Gold Templates
Advisors: Friend/ Dr. Ally Chan, Dr. Vidya Ramaswamy
Ernesto Rodriguez (04) / University of Puerto Rico Mechanical Properties of Polymer Vesicles
Advisors: Weitz/ Dr. Ani Nikova, Vernita Gordon
Mariana Rodriguez Galliano (04) / University of Puerto Rico Controlled Fabrication in Polymeric Materials
Advisors: Whitesides/ Dr. Mila Bontcheva
Delano Sanchez (03 )/ Howard University Measuring Molecular Conductance Using a Mechanically-Controlled Break Junction Embedded in an Elastomer
Advisors: Whitesides/ Dr. Laurie Calvet, Jennah Kriebel
Danielle Sanzone (03) / Harvard University Visualization of a Drying Droplet
Advisors: Weitz/ Nicolas Tsapis
Elizabeth Schemm (03) / Harvard University Electron Transport in Organic Molecules
Advisors: Tinkham/ Dr. Nina Markovic
Seila Selimovic (03) / Wellesley College Aging and Relaxation Effects in Suspensions of Silica Particles
Advisors: Weitz/ Professor Yue Hu (Wellesley)
Ashika Severin (03) / Morgan State University Two-phase Flows in Microfluidic Channels
Advisors: Stone/ Shelly Anna
Jonathan Sommer (03) / University of Rochester Investigating Multi-electron Bubbles
Advisor: Silvera
Adam Sood (04) / Harvard University Attenuated Total Reflectance Infrared Spectroscopy of Aqueous Solutions that Compose Atmospheric Aerosols
Advisors: Martin/ Julia Schlenker
Lisette Williams (04) / Xavier University Drying of Colloidal Systems and the Games Optics Play
Advisors: Stone/ Dr. Amy Shen