David Bullon Patton has finished his sophomore year at Eastern Nazarene College, and will be transferring to Messiah College in the fall to complete his mechanical engineering degree. This summer, under the supervision of the members of Professor Tinkham's group, he is investigating the significance of the magnetoresistance in nickel nanowires due to domain walls. As the son of missionaries, he has lived in several places, but identifies the most with Costa Rica. He enjoys playing the guitar, playing basketball, discussing philosophical issues, reading, and spending time with his girlfriend Theresa.

Project: Magnetoresistance in 10-15 Ni Nanowires 
Prof. Michael Tinkham 
Prof. John Free
Dr. Sergio Valenzuela
  Annushka Chin Fong is a rising sophomore at Howard University in Washington, D.C. There she is studying electrical engineering and is an active member of campus groups such as Bison Billiards and IEEE just to name a few. This summer she is working with Dr. Erli Chen investigating thin film growth during chemical vapor deposition. A native of Trinidad and Tobago, she enjoys playing pool and encouraging others to as well. She loves exploring new areas and having a good time.

Project: Chemical Vapor Deposits
Dr. Erli Chen
  Tzahi Cohen will be completing his bachelor degrees in materials engineering and chemistry at the Technion in Israel. This summer he worked on the deposition of thin films and studied their mechanical properties with Professor Joost Vlassak. Outside of the laboratory, he enjoys rock climbing, hiking, reading science fiction and spending time with his wife, Debra.

Project: Fe-Pd Alloy Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Thin Films 
Prof. Joost J. Vlassak 
Dr. Yuki Sugimura
  Nathaniel Craig is a rising junior and physics concentrator at Harvard College. He is conducting his summer research on ground state spin statistics and fermionic entanglement in mesoscopic quantum dots with the group of Professor Charles Marcus. A native of Sacramento, California, Nathaniel devotes his hours of freedom to cycling, hiking, traveling, and accumulating books.

Project: Spin Statistics and Fermionic Entanglement in Mesoscopic Quantum Dots
Prof. Charles M. Marcus
  Sharon Oboshie Doku will be entering her junior year at Harvard College as a Pforzheimer House resident and a chemistry and physics concentrator with a 'minor' in German. This summer, she worked in Prof. Cynthia Friend's physical chemistry group studying the growth and formation of molybdenum oxide nanoparticles on reconstructed gold surfaces with the aid of a scanning tunneling microscope (STM). When she's not working in the laboratory, Sharon enjoys acting, dancing, singing songs from musicals, and traveling, especially to Ghana, where her parents are from.

Project: Self-Organized Growth of Molybdenum Oxide Nanoparticles on Reconstructed Au(111) Surfaces
Prof. Cynthia M. Friend 
Monika Biener
  Christina Ann Fields will be entering her junior year at Harvard College pursuing a bachelors degree in chemistry. This summer she worked in Professor Sunney Xie's group on CARS spectroscopy. Originally from North Carolina, Christina enjoys listening to music (mostly country), watching movies (mostly horror or drama), writing in her journal, and going out with friends to restaurants.

Project: Microscopic Beads in a Viscous Solution Using CARS Spectroscopy
Prof. X. Sunney Xie
Dr. Laura Kaufman
  Emmanouela Filippidi will be starting her junior year at Harvard University, concentrating in Biomedical Engineering. This summer she is working in Professor Weitz's group, under the supervision of Vernita Gordon, studying the mechanical properties of expanding glioblastoma tumor grown in a three-dimensional collagen I matrix.

Project: Mechanical Properties of an Expanding Glioblastoma Tumor 
Prof. David Weitz 
Vernita Gordon
Cliff Brangwynne
  Kirsten Frieda, a chemistry and physics concentrator, begins her sophomore year at Harvard College this fall.  Over the summer she worked in Professor Sunney Xie's group. She participated with Dr. Jie Xiao studying gene expression, and specifically the translation of proteins, by monitoring produced fluorescence. When not having fun in the laboratory, Kirsten enjoys reading, playing the flute, and swimming.

Project: Gene Expression:
A Timer for In Vivo Venus Maturation
Prof. X.Sunney Xie 
Dr. Jie Xiao
  Christopher Holland will be entering his senior year at Morehouse College this fall. This summer he worked in Professor Whitesides's group under the supervision of Adam Winkleman building an apparatus to separate particles using a magnetic field in a micro channel. Originally from Houston, Texas, his hobbies are writing, listening to music, playing the cello in the orchestra, working out, dancing, and going to the movies.

Project: A Density Separation in a Fluidic Channel by an Inhomogeneous External Magnetic Field
Prof. George M. Whitesides
Adam Winkleman
  Stefan Ichim is a rising senior at Harvard College.  He studied the self-organization of semiconductors surfaces under ion bombardment, the conditions leading to different configurations and the possible ways to "trick" nature into fulfilling a human goal as part of the dynamic and helpful team of Professor Michael Aziz. Stefan wrote that he learned how to use about fifteen new, high-tech instruments each day this summer, but still found time to join in the group activities and have fun. He does TaeKwonDo, likes ping-pong and movies, and sleeping, but that's the part where "you don't always get what you want."

Project: Nanoscale Semiconductor Surface Self-organization under Ion Bombardment
Prof. Michael J. Aziz
Bola George
  Legena A. Jack will be entering her junior year at Howard University (the real HU) studying mechanical engineering with the hope of branching into ocean engineering at the graduate level. Throughout the summer Legena worked with Dr. Marc Durand and Professor Howard Stone on two fluids problems: foams and the development of micro-fluidic devices. Legena writes songs and plays the guitar for fun, and is an active member of Global Leadership Interlink in Washington, DC.

Project: Timing Film Formation during the T-1 Process 
Prof. Howard A. Stone
Dr. Marc Durand
  Tyrone Jackson is entering his junior year at Norfolk State University where he is majoring in physics with computer application. This summer he worked with Dr. Nadya Mason, measuring the transport properties of fabricated metal-superconductor composite films. His first love is God and he is heavily involved in ministry. He also enjoys football, basketball, chess and reading.

Project: Properties of Superconducting Dots
Dr. Nadya Mason
  Emily Kendall will be entering her third year at Harvard College as a chemistry and physics concentrator in Winthrop House. This summer she worked with Professor David Weitz's group, studying the interaction of microtubule motor proteins with cellular obstructions such as actin networks. Emily, an Indiana native, enjoys jogging around Boston, learning to row on the Charles, playing the piano, taking part in games, and reading all sorts of books.

Project: Using Kinesin to Probe the Mechanical Properties of Biopolymer Networks 
Prof. David Weitz 
Margaret Gardel Cliff Brangwynne
  Katherine Kirkwood will be entering her third year at Sweet Briar College in Virginia. She is majoring in math and physics and is planning to continue studying these areas, with an emphasis on biomedical problems, in graduate school. This summer she worked with Dr. Nicolas Tsapis in Professor Weitz's group to make particle shells that will be used to deliver drugs in an inhaled form. Outside of the laboratory, Katie enjoys cooking and playing violin.

Project: Emulsion Synthesis of Large Porous Particles for Drug Delivery by Inhalation
Prof. David Weitz
Dr. Nicolas Tsapis
Dr. Eric Dufresne
  Ann Lai will be a junior at Harvard College concentrating in mechanical engineering and materials science. This summer, she worked at Professor Joost Vlassak's thin film laboratory on the effect of annealing temperature on the mechanical properties of the shape memory alloy, TiNi. In her spare time, Ann likes to paint and draw.

Project: The Effect of Annealing Conditions on TiNi Shape Memory Thin Films 
Prof. Joost J. Vlassak
Xi Wang
  Yao Liu will be entering her senior year at Harvard College as a chemistry concentrator in Winthrop House. This summer she worked with Dr. Nicolas Tsapis, in Prof. David Weitz's group, in collaboration with Prof. David Edwards using gold colloidal particles to form large porous nanoparticles (LPNPs) for pulmonary drug delivery. She worked in conjunction with MEND, a non-profit company targeting infectious disease in the developing world. Outside the laboratory, Yao enjoys tennis, cooking, and power yoga. She highly recommends the mango ice cream at Christina's in Inman Square.

Project: Investigating Sustained-release Nanoparticles for Pulmonary Drug Delivery
Prof. David Edwards 
Dr. Nicolas Tsapis
  Claudio Lopez is a sophomore studying mechanical engineering at Roxbury College. His project this summer with Dr. William Neils of Professor Tinkham's group investigated the critical parameters that control the superconductivity of MoGe nanowires made from carbon nanotubes. In his spare time Claudio enjoys chess, reading, screenwriting, digital video, animation, pool, and physics.

Project: Quantum Fluctuations in Superconducting Nanowires
Prof. Michael Tinkham 
Prof. John Free
Dr. William Neils
  Gregorio Monge is a rising junior in aerospace engineering at Iowa State University. This summer he investigated liquid crystal drop snap-off occurrences under the supervision of Dr. Itai Cohen in Professor David Weitz's group. Gregorio plans on working in industry after his bachelors degree and exploring the field of astrophysics. His hobbies and interests include the martial arts, basketball, playing piano and guitar, and he is also on the varsity co-ed cheerleading squad at Iowa State.

Project: Liquid Crystal Drop Snap-off
Prof. David Weitz 
Dr. Itai Cohen
Dr.Darren Link
  Janine Nunes is a chemistry major who will be entering her senior year at Morgan State University. This summer she worked with Professor Howard Stone and Dr. Manouk Abkarian studying the coating of capillaries using an evaporative method. Janine enjoys reading, swimming, and listening to different types of music.

Project: Colloidal Crystallization in Capillaries and on Fibers
Prof. Howard A. Stone 
Dr. Manouk Abkarian
  Onyinye Ofoegbu is a rising junior at Morgan State University, Maryland majoring in electrical and computer engineering. She studied some of the properties of nanorod-enriched colloidosomes with Vernita Gordon in Professor David Weitz's group. Her hobbies include hanging out with friends, cooking, and playing ping-pong whenever she finds any of the ten people on the planet that actually enjoy the sport.

Project: Force Measurements on Nanorod-enriched Sintered Colloidosomes
Prof. David Weitz
Vernita Gordon
  Jannelly Restituyo-Rosario just finished her sophomore year at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus, as a major in chemistry. During summer Jann worked in Professor Scot Martin's laboratory under the supervision of Julie Schlenker in the preparation of sulfate solutions to measure their infrared reflectance in order to eventually get the optical constants of those atmospheric particles, which influence the cooling and warming of the climate. Jann enjoys dancing, swimming (or any other kind of sport), listening to music, and traveling.

Project: DRIFTS Spectra of Crystals Containing Ammonium Nitrate and Sulfate Particles(PDF)
Prof. Scot T. Martin 
Julie C. Schlenker
  Teddy A. Rodriguez Velez will be entering his senior year at University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez campus where he is majoring in physics. This summer he worked in Professor Weitz's group with Dr. Maria Kilfoil as his mentor testing the stability of colloidal gels under different gravitational stresses. Originally from Ponce, Puerto Rico, Teddy enjoys acting, dancing, singing, going to the theater, working out and of course talking.

Project: Sedimentation of Colloidal Gels under Different Gravity Conditions
Prof. David Weitz
Dr. Maria Kilfoil
  Shani E. Ross will be entering her senior year at Howard University in Washington, DC. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering. For this summer she worked in Professor's David Weitz's group under Dr. Rebecca J. Christianson, studying sedimentation of crystals in hard-sphere colloid mixtures. She plans to pursue graduate studies in bioelectrical engineering (or bioengineering) in Fall 2004. Shani is originally from Jamaica and enjoys reading, listening to music, swimming, and exploring.

Project: Sedimentation of Crystals in Hard-Sphere, Monodisperse Colloidal Suspension
Prof. David Weitz
Dr. Rebecca J. Christianson
  Blaine G. Saito is a rising senior at Harvard College concentrating in Chemistry and Physics and living in Pforzheimer House. This summer Blaine worked with Professor Roy G. Gordon on the synthesis and characteristics of metal-ligand complexes that will be used in Atomic Layer Depositions. Away from work Blaine enjoys singing, listening to classical music, reading, talking about politics and philosophy, and engaging in Torah. He recommends making it over to Brookline for the best falafel and shwarma at Rami's on Harvard Street.

Project: Precursor Synthesis for Atomic Layer Deposition 
Prof. Roy Gordon
  Jennifer Seto will be entering her junior year at Rutgers University in New Jersey, majoring in chemical engineering. This summer, she worked with Dr. Douglas Weibel of Professor Whitesides's group on the biological propulsion of microscale objects. In her free time, she likes watching movies, playing cards and games, and being outdoors among many other things. She's always up for new experiences!

Project: Microoxen: Microorganisms to Move Microscale Loads
Prof. George M. Whitesides
Dr. Douglas Weibel
  Daniel Joshua Benedict Stark will be entering his super senior year at the University of Oklahoma pursuing dual bachelor of science degrees in physics and mathematics. This summer he worked in Professor Weitz's group on cracks in drying nanoparticle suspensions with Dr. Eric Dufresne. Originally from San Jose, California, Dan enjoys canoeing, swing and Latin dancing, exploring new places, and hanging with friends.

Project: Crack Dynamics in a Drying Silica Suspension
Prof. David Weitz 
Dr. Eric Dufresne
  Mamie M. Thant will be entering her senior year at Harvard College as a chemistry concentrator in Cabot House. This summer she worked in Professor George Whitesides's group with Justin Jiang on engineering self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) that selectively adsorb proteins. In her spare time, she likes reading, writing, thinking up performance art, eating good food, and sleeping.

Project: Creation and Electrochemical Desorption of Protein-Resistant SAMs
Prof. George M. Whitesides
Justin Jiang
  Mayda G. Torres will be entering her senior year at the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras campus pursuing a bachelor degree in chemistry. This summer she worked under the supervision of Dr. Valentine Vullev in Professor Whitesides's group. This group has ongoing efforts in the design and fabrication of microfluidic elements of poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) used for tools in cell biology, as detectors, and in electro-chemistry. Mayda used PDMS to make channels that are of dimensions on the order of 1 to 100 micrometers and fabricated microfluidic systems that can be used as optical devices with possible application in the photonics and information technology. Originally from Puerto Rico, Mayda enjoys watching movies, listening to music, dancing and being outdoors.

Project: Microfluidic Channels as Waveguides
Prof. George M. Whitesides 
Dr. Valentine Vullev
  Hasina Visram is a senior at the University of Toronto completing majors in chemistry and neuroscience. This summer Hasina worked in the Meller group studying single molecule biophysics, specifically, the translocation of DNA through nanopores. Outside of the laboratory, Hasina loves to rollerblade, travel, and try new things.

Project: Sense Dependent DNA Dynamics in a Membrane Channel
  Hem Wadhar is a rising junior at the University of Pennsylvania. This summer, he studied the properties of superconducting dot arrays with Dr. Nadya Mason and Professor Michael Tinkham's group.  Hem is majoring in physics and mathematics, and enjoys basketball, tennis, and reading.

Project: Effects of Phase Separation in Two Dimensional Thin Films
Dr. Nadya Mason
  William Wertenberg will be returning to the beaches of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to complete his undergraduate coursework in biomedical engineering. During the summer of 2003, William worked in Dr. Joel Parks' Ion Traps and Clusters laboratory at the Rowland Institute of Science at Harvard. Under the guidance of Dr. Allison Danell, research efforts were focused on mass spectroscopy and laser-induced fluorescence techniques. A California native, William takes pleasure in making guacamole, anything spicy, exploring unfamiliar lands, and places with a view.

Project: Hydration of Biomolecules in the Gas Phase using Electrospray Ionization and Mass Spectrometry