Temilade Adelore is a rising senior in Bioengineering at Morgan State University. This summer, she worked with Chris Gabel and Damon Clark in Professor Aravi Samuel's group, investigating the response of the nematode C. elegans to thermal stimuli.

Project: Behavioral Response of C. elegans to Thermal Stimuli 
Prof. Aravi Samuel
Chris Gabel
Damon Clark
  Calvin Archibald hails from Trinidad and Tobago and is a senior at Howard University in Washington, D.C. where he is pursuing a Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering. His interests include foreign languages, traveling, and music. As part of Professor Howard Stone's group this summer, Calvin studied bubble dissolution with the aim of increasing the stability of foams. Another research area is crystal deposition on conical geometries.

Project: Hydrophobic Particles and Dissolution of Microbubbles
Prof. Howard Stone
Ryan Larsen
  Kimberly L. Bickraj is an engineering physics major entering her senior year at Morgan State University in Maryland. This summer she worked in the Stone group under the supervision of Manouk Abkarian, Thomas Ward, Ryan Larsen and Magalie Faivre. This group studies microfluidics, which utilizes physics, chemistry and engineering in order to understand the behavior of fluids on the microscale and mesoscale level. Applications of microfluidics can be found in the medicine, oil and hygiene industries. Originally from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Kimberly is fascinated by nature and loves to travel, dance and cook for others.

Project: The Influence of Constrictions on the Flow of Red Blood Cells
Prof. Howard Stone
Dr. Manouk Abkarian Magalie Faivre
  Niviann Blondet Cintron will be entering her junior year at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, majoring in Chemistry. This summer she worked with Dr. Eric Mazur's group, under the supervision of Alexander Heisterkamp and Iva Maxwell, investigating diverse aspects of nanosurgery with femtosecond lasers. Niviann enjoys hanging out with friends, shopping, watching movies and traveling.

Project: Nanosurgery Using Femtosecond Laser Pulses
Prof. Eric Mazur
Iva Maxwell
Dr. Alexander Heisterkamp
  Daniel Bonner will be a junior studying Materials Science and Engineering at Cornell University. As a member of the Spaepen group, he studied amorphous silica colloids as a macroscopic analog to atomic structures. With mentor Peter Schall, he took advantage of particle tracking in order to study strain fields and reaction to indentation. Dan, who hails from Westborough, Mass., enjoys playing and following a variety of sports including football, baseball, and basketball. He leads the Cornell chapter of Engineers for a Sustainable World, an engineering service organization.

Project: Indentation of Colloidal Hard-Sphere Glasses
Prof. Frans Spaepen
Dr. Peter Schall
  Jonas Budris grew up on Martha's Vineyard and is now a rising junior in Environmental Engineering at Harvard University.  He is working with Julie Schlenker in Professor Martin's research group on atmospheric nanoparticles.  Jonas enjoys music, traveling, learning new languages, and watching the Red Sox win.

Project: Volatility of Ammonium Nitrate in Atmospheric Particles
Prof. Scot Martin
Julie Schlenker
  Brandi Coleman will be a junior in the fall of 2004 at Howard University, majoring in Electrical Engineering. This summer she worked in the David Weitz group with Charles Kerbage and Katie Humphry. The project was on the manipulation of micromagnetic beads in microfluidic devices using electromagnetism. She is a music, sports, movies, and poetry/spoken word fanatic.

Project: Electromagnetic Manipulation of Magnetic Substances in Microfluidic Channels
Prof. Dave Weitz
Katie Humphry
Dr. Charles Kerbage
  Douglas Detert will be entering his junior year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to continue his studies in both Materials Science and Engineering and Spanish. This summer he worked with Mike Burns at the Rowland Institute to study surface electromigration in single crystal copper whiskers. In his spare time, Douglas likes to dabble in graphic design and play ultimate frisbee.

Project: Surface Electromigration in Single-Crystal Copper Whiskers
Dr. Mike Burns

Funding: Rowland Institute
  Benjamin Diop-Frimpong is a rising senior at the Vanderbilt School of Engineering majoring in Chemical Engineering and Molecular Cellular Biology. When not taking classes or working in a lab he enjoys outdoor activities like canoeing and hiking. He also enjoys community service activities like tutoring kids and living and working with homeless people. He also enjoys playing soccer from time to time. This summer, he worked with Professor Kit Parker's and Professor Westervelt's groups, building a chip that will generate magnetic fields which will be used to apply stress on cardiac cells.

Project: The Micromagnetic Cell Stretcher
Prof. Kit Kevin Parker
Dr. Mark Bray
Dr. Nick Geisse
Sean Sheehy
  Jon Dorando will be entering his senior year at Carnegie Mellon University where he is studying chemical physics. This summer he worked with Dr. Park developing silicon nanowires, and measuring their electrical properties. Jon’s hobbies include kayaking, football, baseball, working out, and hanging out.

Project: Nano Transistors as DNA Detectors
Dr. Jiwoong Park

Funding: Rowland Institute
  Mitra Dowlatshahi will be entering her junior year at Harvard College as a Physics and Math concentrator in Quincy House. This summer, she worked on a collaborative project between Professor Aravi Samuel's lab and the Vidal lab at the Dana Faber Cancer Institute, using Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) technology to study protein interactions in vivo in the growth of a C. elegans embryo. Outside the laboratory, Mitra enjoys music, IM crew on the Charles (she loves that dirty water!), Herrell's ice-cream, karate, and reading.

Project: FRET Imaging of C.elegans Protein Interactions
Prof. Aravi Samuel
  Bridget Driscoll is a junior concentrating in biomedical engineering at Harvard University. This summer she researched how cytoplasmic stresses and strains effect cardiomyocyte functionality and worked under the supervision of Mark Bray in Kit Parker's research group. Bridget plays varsity lacrosse for Harvard, and is an avid poker player.

Project: Computer-Aided Design for Building Cell and Tissue Microenvironments In Vitro
Prof. Kit Kevin Parker
Dr. Mark Bray
Dr. Nick Geisse
Sean Sheehy
  Dan Foti is a rising junior at Harvard College who is concentrating in Biomedical Engineering. This summer, as a member of Disease Biophysics Group, led by Professor Kit Parker, he used silicone and polyacrylamide flexible substrates to examine the traction forces exerted by cardiac cells. Originally from New Windsor, New York, Dan enjoys reading science fiction, sketching, writing poetry, and playing all types of video games.

Project: Flexible Substrates for Traction Force Microscopy
Prof. Kit Kevin Parker
Dr. Mark Bray
Dr. Nick Geisse
Sean Sheehy
  Franchesca Fiorito Torres is a rising junior majoring in Chemistry at the University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras. She worked this summer in Dave Weitz group with Daniel Blair and Rebecca Christianson on a project involving both Chemistry and Physics on rheology. Her hobbies involve going out, especially dancing and watching movies. She loves to meet new people and have new experiences.

Project: Rheological Properties of Structural Complex Fluids
Prof. Dave Weitz
Dr. Dan Blair
  Amado Guloy is a rising senior in Chemistry at the University of Texas at Austin. This summer, he investigated heterogeneous catalysts in the research group of Dr. Cynthia Friend. In his spare time, he likes hanging out with his friends, playing tennis, and reading, though in all honesty, he would rather do nothing and just sleep.

Project: A Novel Route to Obtain Atomic Oxygen on a Au(111) Surface by Electron Bombardment of NO2
Prof. Cynthia Friend
Xingyi Deng
This fall Cynthia Hayes will be a senior at Montana Tech. of the University of Montana majoring in Biological Sciences. She enjoys hiking, reading, and has recently learned to snowboard. This summer she worked with Dr. Linda Turner Stern in the Bacterial Motor Works Laboratory at the Rowland Institute. While at the Institute she focused on studying the motility of swarming bacteria, which play a critical role in biofilm formation. Not much is known about how swarming bacteria interact; through the use of fluorescent stains she studied images of the flagellum interactions under a microscope.

Project: Flagella Interaction in Swarming Bacteria
Prof. Howard Berg
Dr. Linda Turner Stern

Funding: Rowland Institute
  Rowland Institute Zach Hensel is a rising senior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is majoring in Physics and Cinema Studies and plans to study Biophysics in graduate school. He worked under Zvonimir Dogic at the Rowland Institute at Harvard studying liquid crystal phases of Salmonella flagella with varied helical parameters. Outside of Physics, Zach enjoys Swedish films and plays bass and guitar.

Project: Investigating Chiral Liquid Crystals with Salmonella Flagella
Dr. Zvonomir Dogic

Funding: Rowland Institute
  Jennifer Hou will be entering her junior year at Harvard College, concentrating in Chemistry and Physics. This summer, she worked with Dr. Nadya Mason in Professor Michael Tinkham's lab to study two-dimensional metal-superconductor films in order to understand the parameter dependence of transitions between metallic, super-conducting, and insulating states. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys Ultimate Frisbee, piano, and playing with the Chinese yoyo.

Project: Investigating the Intervening Metallic State of the Superconductor-Insulator Transition in 2-D Thin Films
Prof. Mike Tinkham
Dr. Nadya Mason
  Felix Huang is a rising junior from College Station, Texas majoring in Chemical Engineering at Princeton University. This summer he worked under Prof. David Weitz, Hans Wyss, and Daniel Blair studying the flow and jamming of particles in a porous medium and properties of materials with infiltrated colloidal particles. In his free time, he likes to play cards, the violin, and eating good food.

Project: Flow of Particles in Porous Media
Prof. David Weitz
Dr. Dan Blair
Dr. Hans Wysse
  Jessica Isaacs is a rising senior at Harvard College concentrating in Chemistry. This summer she worked with Lara Estroff and Vijay Krishamurthy in the George Whitesides group to study the use of polyvalent inhibitors of bacteria. Jessica also enjoys playing piano, running and teaching ESL.

Project: Progress Towards Polymeric Inhibition of Bacterial Infection
Prof. George M. Whitesides
Vijay Krishnamurthy
Lara Estroff
  Stephanie Jones is a rising Junior at Wells College, pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Biological and Chemical Sciences with a concentration in Chemistry and a minor in Math. Her summer research involved observing the similarities between particulate gel and emulsion systems, in conjunction with Dr. Chan Kim and Dr. Suliana Manley of Professor Dave Weitz's lab. In her free time Stephanie enjoys music, sports, reading, and cheering for the Red Sox.

Project: Creaming in Emulsions with a Depletion-Induced Attraction
Prof. David A. Weitz
Dr. Suliana Manley
Dr. Chan Kim
This fall Tyler Jorgenson will begin his second year at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. He will be continuing his studies in biochemistry, business, and Chinese. Through these studies he hopes to capitalize on his interests in travel, world economies, and science. This summer while at Harvard University, he did research with Dr. Ann Pearson. He studied a strain of archaebacter that produces sterols. This research may lead to determining the missing link between eukaryotic and prokaryotic organisms or possibly a new treatment for high cholesterol in humans.

Project: Fluorescent Detection of Sterols in the Nucleoid Bacterium, Gemmata Obscuriglobus
Prof. Ann Pearson
Meytal Budin
  Charles Kulwin will be a junior at Harvard College whose concentration is Chemistry and Physics. He worked in Professor Sunney Xie's lab group with Dr. Jeff Li. They examined the potential of quantum dots bound to short complimentary DNA strands to trace individual biomolecules in living cells. Charles is from Cincinnati, OH, plays and coaches soccer, and attempts squash occasionally.

Project: Single Molecule Tracking in Live Cells
Prof. Sunney Xie
Dr. Jeff Jianwei Li
  Iping Lam will be a senior at Lehigh University, majoring in Materials Science and Engineering and minoring in Asian Studies and Japanese. He worked with Prof. Joost Vlassak's group, with Xi Wang as his mentor, to determine the effect of temperature on the mechanical properties of thin film shape memory alloys (TiNi), mainly their stress and strain behavior. He likes playing basketball, golf and volleyball, as well as listening to music, watching movies and traveling.

Project: NiTi Thin Film SMA Stress-Temperature Measurement
Prof. Joost Vlassak
Xi Wang
  Jason Lurie is a rising senior at Harvard College concentrating in Chemistry. This summer he is working with Young-Shin Jun in Professor Scot Martin's research group on dissolution of rhodochrosite.

Project: The Dissolution of Rhodochrosite and the Absorption of Cobalt (II) onto Rhodochrosite at Varying pH
Prof. Scot Martin Young-Shin Jun
  William Moss will be entering his senior year at Haverford College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this fall where he is double majoring in physics and computer science. This summer he studied in the Westervelt group under the direction of Tom Hunt building a microelectromagnetic cell stretcher. Born and raised in Brookline, Massachusetts, Will is an avid Red Sox fan, and also enjoys biking (both on the roads and in the mountains), fly fishing, kayaking, and ultimate frisbee.

Project: Fabrication of the Micromagnetic Cell Stretcher
Prof. Robert Westervelt
Tom Hunt
  Sarah Murphy is a rising junior at Princeton University pursuing concentrations in biochemistry and neuroscience. This summer she was involved researching surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) of biomolecules with Professor Jene Golovchenko. At school she is involved in varsity softball and plays French horn in the orchestra. A native of Houston, Texas, Sarah also relishes horseback riding, piano, guitar, basketball, and hiking.

Project: Utilizing Colloids in Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering
Prof. Jene Golovchenko Mary Hughes
  Jason Orcutt will be a senior next year at Columbia University majoring in Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics. His interests lie in the intersection of these two fields in such applications as photonics and high-performance semiconductor devices. This summer he worked in Professor Mazur's group using ultrafast lasers to examine lattice dynamics and phase transitions in excited semiconductors with femtosecond time resolution.

Project: Ultrafast Supercontinuum Generation to Measure the Time-Resolved Dielectric Maria Kandyla Function in Ti2O3 by Dual-Angle Pump-Probe Spectroscopy
Prof. Eric Mazur
Maria Kandyla
  Rodd Pribik is a senior physics and mathematics major at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. This summer Rodd conducted research at the Rowland Institute under the advise of Dr. Amit Meller. This research is based on the dynamics of single molecules such as DNA and RNA, through the use of Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET).

Project: Utilizing Anisotropy and Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Measurements to Analyze DNA Dynamics
Dr. Amit Meller

Funding: Rowland Institute
  Branden Reid is a rising junior at Morgan State University majoring in Engineering Physics. This summer he worked with Professor Howard Stone's group experimenting with microfluidic devices. He enjoys playing basketball, cooking, and traveling.

Project: The Rheological Impact of a Rod in Confined Shear Flow
Prof. Howard Stone
Dr. Thomas Ward
  Arthur W. Reynolds is a 4th year Physics major and DNIMAS Scholar at Norfolk State University. He enjoys athletics, guitar playing, barbering, video games, and science. This summer he worked in the Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences with Professor Robert Westervelt and Ben Lee on a project involving fabricating and analyzing electron flow in semiconductor devices.

Project: Imaging Electron Flow through a Quantum Point Contact
Prof. Bob Westervelt
Ben Lee
  Aracelis Rivera Torres is a rising junior at the University of Puerto Rico-R’o Piedras campus, majoring in chemistry. During this summer she studied some of the properties of colloids under the supervision of Zhengdong Cheng in Professor Dave Weitz's group. Her hobbies include shopping, dancing and hanging out with friends.

Project: Drop Formation and Detection in Microfluidic Devices
Prof. Dave Weitz
Dr. Zhengdon Chen
Dr. Charles Kerbage
  Luis Humberto Rodriguez Cumpiano is a rising senior at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez campus. He worked this summer with Professor Mike Aziz and Bola George on the surface morphology evolution in Si (001) under FIB irradiation. His interests include surfing, body boarding, beach time, skydiving, rappelling, rafting and a little tennis.

Project: Surface Morphology Evolution in Si (001) under FIB Irradiation
Prof. Mike Aziz
Bola George
  Martin Salinga will be completing his diploma thesis and taking his final examination at RWTH Aachen in Germany. He is majoring in physics and is planning to begin a PhD study in the area of solid state physics in 2005. This summer he is working with Johannes Kalb in Professor Spaepen's group to investigate the kinetics of nucleation and growth of crystals in Te-based alloys. Outside of the laboratory, Martin enjoys playing soccer, board games and discussing about all the world and his brother.

Project: Kinetics of Crystal Nucleation and Growth in Thin Films of Amorphous Te Alloys
Prof. Frans Spaepen
Johannes Kalb
  Shahid Shaikh just completed his second year at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Through the five year program there, he will be receiving his Bachelors in Chemical Engineering and his Masters in Material Science in three more years. Under the advising of Dr. Erli Chen and his staff, he will be developing recipes for Electron Cyclotron Resonance (ECR) Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) processing to optimize different properties for group-IV, III-V, and amorphous materials. Shahid has lived in California all his life and, while he isn't researching, enjoys recreational sports, eating, reading, and relaxing with his family and friends.

Project: Reactive Ion Etching Process Development and Characterization
Dr. Erli Chen
Dr. Ling Xie
  Ho Cheung Shum will be entering his senior year at Princeton University as a chemical engineering major doing a materials science certificate. This summer, he worked in Professor David Weitz's experimental soft condensed matter group producing uniform shape and size prolate polystyrene (PS) ellipsoids of various aspect ratio in quantities suitable for rheology and/or salt-gelation experiments. A native of Hong Kong, he enjoys watching movies, listening to music and spending time with his friends.

Project: Preparation and Characterization of Colloidal Ellipsoids
Prof. Dave Weitz
  Eric Sofen is a sophomore at Bowdoin College and is majoring in physics. This summer, he worked with Dr. Amit Meller's biophysics group at the Rowland Institute studying the translocation of DNA through nanopores. Outside of the lab, Eric is a competitive runner and triathlete.

Project: DNA Translocation through Nanopores
Dr. Amit Meller

Funding: Rowland Institute
  Mark Stanisz, a rising senior at Harvard College, will graduate in June 2005 with an A.B. in Chemistry and a citation in Spanish language. Working alongside Dr. Jeff Li, Mark returned to Professor Xie's research group to investigate on the single molecule level the behavior of RNA in vitro. Originally from Valley Stream, NY, Mark is a proud resident of Lowell House where he serves as the treasurer of the house committee. Mark also enjoys singing in the Harvard University Choir, listening to classical music, reading, debating American politics, and traveling.

Project: Fluorescent Signal Amplification Using Rolling Circle Replication
Prof. Sunney Xie
Dr. Jeff Jianwei Li
  Sasha Stolyarov is a senior physics major at The University of Texas at Dallas. This summer he worked with Dr. Steve Cronin in Professor Tinkham's lab on optical and electronic properties of single walled carbon nanotubes. When Sasha is not studying he enjoys short getaways to uninhabited locations and good conversation over a shot of espresso.

Project: Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes—A Next Generation Nanomaterial
Prof. Michael Tinkham
Dr. Steve Cronin
  Ian Tonks is a rising junior majoring in chemistry at Columbia University. This summer he is working with Qiaobing Xu in Professor George Whitesides' research group on fabricating metallic pyramidal shell nanostructures.

Project: Fabrication of Metallic, Pyramidal Shell Nanostructures
Prof. George Whitesides
Qiaobing Xu
  Leslie Vogt will be entering her senior year at Juniata College studying Chemistry and Physics. She spent the summer characterizing fluorescent dyes with Jim Foley at the Rowland Institute by determining fluorescent lifetimes, quantum yields, and dye photostability. Outside of the lab, Leslie enjoys music, exploring new areas, and good company.

Project: Photophysical Properties of Fluorescent Dyes
Dr. Jim Foley

Funding: Rowland Institute
  Eunice Wanjiru is a physics major and second year student at Bethune Cookman College in Daytona Beach, Florida. She worked with Professor George Whitesides under the supervision of Jennah Kriebel. Her project is in the field of molecular electronics, studying a type of metal-insulator-metal junction (MIM) baed on Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAMs). The junction allows measurements of electrical properties of SAMs on different metals. Her hobbies are watching TV, surfing on the internet, and socializing with friends.

Project: Molecular Electronics of Self-Assembled Monolayers
Prof. George Whitesides
Jennah Kriebel
  Ian Witting is currently a rising junior in the Cornell University College of Engineering and majoring in Materials Science and Engineering. He enjoys billiards, watching movies, reading classic literature, and cheering for Duke Basketball, as he was born and raised in Durham, NC. He is interested in conducting polymers and molecular electronics. Under George Kaufman of the Whiteside's Group, Ian researched the molecular basis for the storing of electric charge within fluids.

Project: Fluid Electrets
Prof. George Whitesides
George Kaufman
  Eran Zvulun will be completing his fourth year in Materials Engineering and Physics at the Technion in Israel. This summer he worked on the deposition of textured or single crystals thin films of FePd alloy using sputtering deposition process with Professor Joost Vlassak. In his spare time he likes reading and collecting science fiction and fantasy books and practicing karate (Goju-ryu style).

Project: An Investigation of the Fe-Pd-X Shape Memory Alloys Using a Combinatorial Approach
Prof. Joost Vlassak
Patrick McCluskey
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