Michael Adams is a rising senior majoring in Physics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This summer, he will be working with Dr. David Bell doing electron-beam lithography with a TEM. In his spare time, Michael enjoys reading popular science books, reading science fiction, watching TV shows (Seinfeld, Star Trek, etc.), playing sports, working out, and participating in clubs. After graduation, he hopes to go to graduate school in Physics. Dr. David Bell

Funding: Center for Nanoscale Systems
Obafunso Ademilolu (Demi) Ajayi is a rising senior (class of 2007) at Harvard University concentrating in Mechanical Engineering. This summer she will be working with Prof Maurice Smith in the Neuromotor Control Lab. She hopes to find a great extracurricular activity for the summer. Prof. Maurice Smith
Lynna Gabriela (Gaby) Avila-Bront is a rising senior at Columbia University majoring in Chemistry. She enjoys playing volleyball, tennis and scrabble. All types of music and art interest her, especially those of other countries. After college she plans to attend graduate school. Prof. Scot Martin
Dr. Thomas Rosenoern
Nana Ayensu is a 22-year-old rising senior at Harvard University, where he is pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. Though born in Washington, DC, he has lived in Accra, Ghana, for the past eight years. His scientific interests lie primarily in developing renewable energy, as well as automotives and aeronautics. Nana adores listening to and composing music, playing sports, sightseeing, traveling, karaoke, and is always up for an adventure. Prof. Shriram Ramanathan
Dr. Annamalai Karthikeyan
Rob Barton is a physics concentrator at Harvard University. He will be working in the lab of Professor Charles Marcus Prof. Charles Marcus
Matt Blosser is a rising junior at Carleton College in Northfield, MN.  He is a physics major torn between experimental usefulness and theoretical elegance. He also enjoys books, movies and racquetball. Prof. Michael Aziz
H. Bola George
Justin Caram is a rising Junior at Harvard College studying chemistry.  He is very interested in climate science and atmospheric chemistry. Justin also plays trombone in various musical groups on campus, and enjoys lifting weights.  Justin is excited to meet new people this summer. Prof. Jim Anderson
Nick J. Carroll is a 4th year chemical engineering student at the University of New Mexico.  His current research interests under Dr. Gabriel Lopez include biomolecular separations via nano-scale capillary applications and electrophoresis capillary separations.  In his spare time Nick enjoys playing guitar, golfing, biking, and supporting the New Mexico Lobos. Prof. David Weitz
Victoria Chang is a junior physics concentrator at Harvard University. She will be working in Professor Mara Prentiss’ lab. Her research interests include  quantum optics and biophysics. Prof. Mara Prentiss
Efraim Feinstein
Stephen Chapin hails from Connecticut and is a rising senior at Yale University, where he is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering. His interests include soccer, running, and music. This summer he is working with Christian Holtze in Prof. David Weitz's lab group.  He is investigating the stability and general properties of miniemulsions. Prof. David Weitz
Dr. Christian Holtze
Lauren EM Chin will be a junior concentrator in biomedical engineering at Harvard. Her interests include dance, corn on the cob, open-window car rides, tree-climbing and coffee shops. Prof. Kevin Kit Parker
Joseph Cox will be entering his junior year at Eastern Nazarene College, where he is studying mathematics and physics. It is his hope to continue studying physics in graduate school, with an emphasis on solid state physics. He enjoys working on many of my hobbies including electronics, model rocketry, playing the piano, and reading. Prof. Michael Tinkham
Dr. John Free
Jesse Day is a student at Yale University. He is working with Ryan McGorty in the lab of Prof. Vinothan Manoharan. Prof. Vinothan Manoharan
Ryan McGorty
Paul Edward De Andrade is a junior in the Biomedical Engineering program at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech).  He was born in Sao Paulo, Brasil and grew up in New York before moving to the South-East US. His favorite hobbies include sailing, bicycling, running, and traveling. Dr. Erli Chen
Dr. Jiangdong Deng

Center for Nanoscale Systems
Franklin Dollar is an Engineering Physics major from University of California, Berkeley. He has researched at Berkeley Labs for three years on EUV multilayer optics, and has remained active in the recruitment and retention of underrepresented peoples. He is currently serving his second term as regional representative for the American Indian Science & Engineering Society. He looks forward to meeting fellow researchers from around the nation in the east coast. Prof. David Weitz
Prof. Howard Stone
Dr. Christian Holtze
Dr. Bill Ristenpart
Carmem Domingues is a rising Chemistry and Physics sophomore at Harvard University. Her interests range from cultural events such as operas and theater, to outdoor sports and going to the beach. She also loves to eat and dance. Prof. Howard Stone
Dr. Bill Ristenpart
Gunther Ulric du Hoffmann is an attentive student and vigorous soapbox philosopher. He’s one of ten children (7 of 10). He loves Tolstoy's short stories and Gogol's Dead Souls. He has a beautiful son (he's three) and a wonderful wife. He one day hopes to finish his studies in Behavioral Neuroscience at Washington College and to go on to medical school and specialize in neurological medicine. Prof. Kevin Kit Parker
Furqan Fazal is a rising junior at Amherst College majoring in Chemistry, Physics and Biology. An avid badminton player, he also enjoys playing tennis and computer games, watching movies, and listening to music. His long-term ambitions include inventing an absurd phonetic language and learning to painlessly divide by zero. Dr. Peer Fischer

Funding: Rowland Institute
Ryan Fernandez is a rising junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Prof. Maurice Smith
Alexander George has just completed his freshman year at Swarthmore College, where he plans to major in biochemistry. He enjoys backpacking, folk dance, board and card games, going for long walks about Boston, and eating copious quantities of ice cream. Prof. Jene Golovchenko
Mary Hughes
Brian Murphy
Ashley Dawn Gibbs is an upcoming senior at Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington, majoring in Physics and Biochemistry.  She is involved in Cross Country as well as Track and Field at Whitworth.  She enjoys running, biking, hiking, and just generally being outdoors.  In the future she hopes to perform medical research and be involved with medical missions. Prof. David Weitz
Dr. Tommy Angelini
Ana Glavan is a rising junior at Harvard University majoring in chemistry. Ana is a native of Romania, and for 3 years was a member of the Romanian Team for the International Chemistry Olympiad. She will work with Dr. Alison McGuigan in the George Whitesides group. Prof. George Whitesides
Dr. Alison McGuigan
Derek Bruczewick
Josué Goss is a Biology major at Harding University. He enjoys fishing, boating, and rock climbing. In the future, he hopes to travel to Spanish-speaking countries to lead or aid in medical missions. He is a corporal in the United States Marines and has been deployed to Iraq. Prof. Kevin Kit Parker
Isabella Barr Griffin is a beautiful and artistic South Georgia farm girl. She attends school at Norfolk State University, where she studies Physics. She is free-spirited, open-minded, and always looking for new experiences. Prof. David Weitz
Dr. Amy Rowat
Mohammad Mahdi Ghahramani is a visiting student from University College Cork in Ireland. He is working at the Rowland Institute this summer. Funding: Rowland Institute
Jennifer Harlow is a rising senior physics and math concentrator at Harvard. This summer she is working in the Marcus group on Triplet-Singlet Spin Relaxation in Carbon Nanotube Double Quantum Dots. Outside of physics, Jen spends most of her time training for nordic ski racing and playing ultimate frisbee. She is also interested in any other athletic activities that happen to be organized. Prof. Charles Marcus
Jessica Rebecca Hoffman is currently finishing her second year at Northwestern University, where she is studying Materials Engineering. She was President of her dorm last year and is on the executive board for Northwestern's Residential Colleges this year. She enjoys listening to music, reading, writing, learning about different cultures, and traveling. Dr. Mike Burns

Funding: Rowland Institute
Toan Huynh has just finished his third year at the University of Houston, Houston, Texas. He is interested in foods from all over the world. He enjoys taking trips to the coast or to the lakes with his friends, and he loves cycling along the bayou. His favorite novel is The Jungle Book by Kipling. Prof. David Mooney
Nate Huebsch
Ognjn Ilic is a rising sophomore physics concentrator at Harvard University. He is originally from Belgrade, Serbia. Prof. Robert M. Westervelt
Tom Hunt
David Issadore
Daniel S. Kassaye is originally from Nazareth, Ethiopia.  A junior at Morgan State University, he is majoring in chemistry with a minor in biology. Dr. Jim Foley

Rowland Institute
Murat Kilinc is a junior Electrical and Electronics major at Bilkent University in Turkey. Dr. Ozgur Sahin

Rowland Institute
Dewey Kim will be jumping into his senior year at Reed College next fall. This summer, he will be working with Dr. Frank Vollmer at the Vollum Institute. Although he's supposed to be working on physics, he wastes his time on table tennis, piano, books, video games, and the noseflute. Dr. Frank Vollmer

Rowland Institute
Anna Margaret Klales has just completed her freshman year at Haverford College where she plans on majoring in physics and math.  She enjoys art, music, making movies, animation, and bad science jokes.  She also enjoys teaching and making people laugh. Prof. Vinothan Manoharan
Prof. David Nelson
Dr. Buddhapriya Chakrabarti
Daniel Klöckner studies physics in Aachen, Germany. In his diploma thesis he works on the electrical properties of phase change materials as are to be used in electronic data storage devices. Prof. Frans Spaepen
Alex Donohue
Erin Cathleen Knappen is a chemistry major at Roberts Wesleyan College and just completed her sophomore year.  At this point she plans to pursue graduate school for chemistry, although she has not yet ruled out medical school.  She lives in upstate New York now, but has also lived in Buffalo and South Hamilton, Mass.  She volunteers as a youth leader for 7th and 8th graders and absolutely loves this ‘job.’  She also enjoys coffee houses (for tea, not for coffee), cross country running, reading, figure skating, and long walks.  In her spare time she considers the meaning of fun. Professor Ann Pearson
Suni Shah
Jeanette Kurian is a physics and chemistry concentrator at Harvard University. A rising senior, she is working in Professor X. Sunney Xie’s laboratory this summer. Prof. X. Sunney Xie
Conor Evans
Cleo Leung  just finished her sophomore year as a physics concentrator at Harvard University. Prof. Ron Walsworth
Eli Levenson-Falk is a rising junior at Harvard University. He will be working at the Center for Nanoscale Systems with Professor Marcus this summer, attempting to show the non-abelian nature of Laughlin quasiparticles. His interests include ultimate, biking, and music. Prof. Charles Marcus
DeAnna Lopez is a chemical engineering major at the University of New Mexico. She enjoys softball, golfing, archery, fishing and traveling. She hopes to one day go into cancer research. Prof. David Mooney
Susan Hsiong
Eduardo Silva
Sorell S. Massenburg is a native of Rocky Mount, North Carolina. He is a rising senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is majoring in Physics. Sorell is interested in Applied Physics as a future career and has worked on projects that utilize physics in Cystic Fibrosis research. In addition to research, Sorell enjoys playing guitar, weight-lifting, jazz, and flamenco. Prof. Vinothan Manoharan
Kisun Yoon
Karina N. Moore is entering her sophomore year at Norfolk State University majoring in Electronics Engineering. An international student from Trinidad, she plays for the NSU womens’ volleyball team. She loves sports and having fun. Prof. Howard Stone
Dr. Matt Sullivan
Rosa Mei Ng was born in Hong Kong and has been completely enthralled by the interdisciplinary world of cell biology, biophysics and biomedical engineering ever since she took Professor Kit Parker’s cellular engineering class and then spent three months working at EMBL in Heidelberg, Germany last summer. She is now a rising senior at Harvard University concentrating in Biochemical Sciences, and is thinking of going to graduate school after college. She is a co-director for the Harvard Chinatown ESL Program, and she also organizes faculty dinner events for the Harvard Chemistry Club. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and solving puzzles, and she hopes to learn how to cook this summer. Prof. Kit Kevin Parker
Prof. David Weitz
Cliff Brangwynne
Jason Nicholson is a senior in Mechanical Engineering (ME) at Iowa State University. After finishing his degree he plans to enter graduate school in ME. In June, his wife and he are moving to Worcester, Massachusetts where his wife is entering residency at UMass Memorial Hospital. His biggest passion besides God, his wife, and Mechanical Engineering includes FISHING. Prof. N. Michele Holbrook
Prof. Jacques Dumais
Dr. Sandrine Isnard
Eva Xiaoyun Nong is a rising sophomore who is concentrating in Biomedical Science and Engineering at Harvard University.  She enjoys hiking and biking (though she seldom has time for those), reading, exploring the city, and enjoying nature. Prof. Howard Berg
Simon O’Callaghan is a visiting student from University College Cork in Ireland. Funding:
Rowland Institute
Idelisse (Ita) Ortiz Torres will be entering her junior year at the University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras where she is majoring in Chemistry. She participated last summer in the REU program at University of Pennsylvania. In her university she works as a voluntary tutor for students in chemistry and is an active member of the ACS. She enjoys good music, reading, food, diving and going to the beach. Prof. David Weitz
Dr. Carlos Martinez
Ayodele Osasona will be entering his third year at Harvard University as a Biomedical Engineering concentrator. He is a native of Nigeria and hopes to pursue research or clinical studies there. He likes to stay active and will drop everything for a game of frisbee. Prof. David Mooney
Dr. Hannah Storrie
Kinga Anna Partyka just finished her junior year at Rutgers University. She majors in physics and minors in mathematics. She was born in Poland and came to the US five years ago. She is on the Rutgers fencing team. She also has a strong interest in ballroom dancing and enjoys dance competitions. Prof. Alán Aspuru-Guzik
Dr. Michael Stopa
Shilpa Raja is a physics and chemistry concentrator at Harvard University. She just completed her freshman year, and will be working in the laboratory of Professor Michael Aziz. Prof. Michael Aziz
H. Bola George
Michael Rein studies Materials Engineering and Physics in Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. He is chairman of students’ committee at the faculty of Materials Engineering and a management member of Technion students association.  In his spare time he enjoys traveling and exploring new places, reading and listening to music. Prof. Joost Vlassak
Michael Rosenberg is a rising junior at Swarthmore College, where he is a physics major and history minor. In his free time he enjoys watching sports, playing poker, and writing in the third person. He is interested in astronomy and hopes to someday have a career at NASA. Dr. Andrew Speck

Rowland Institute
Roanna Ruiz just finished her freshman year at Harvard University. She intends to concentrate in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Prof. George Whitesides
George Kaufman
Seref (Burak) Selvi is a junior Electrical and Electronics Engineering major at Bilkent University in Turkey. Dr. Ozgur Sahin

Rowland Institute
Mark Shevin is a rising senior at the University of Michigan where he is studying Materials Science Engineering. This summer he is investigating the mechanical properties of fiber-reinforced composites for dental use with Professor Vlassak’s group. Mark is from West Bloomfield, MI and enjoys snowboarding, biking, CAD design, and traveling with friends. Prof. Joost Vlassak
Dr. Ashkan Vaziri
Anima Singh is a rising junior at Swarthmore College pursuing a major in Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. This summer she will be working with graduate student Jenny Smythe and Prof Capasso. She loves playing ping-pong, the outdoors, watching cricket, dancing for fun, listening to music, watching movies, and hanging out with friends. Prof. Federico Capasso
Jenny Smythe
Limor Spector Prof. Federico Capasso
Jeremy Munday
Julie Vanessa Stern is pursuing a second Bachelor’s degree at SUNY Stony Brook.  She is a double major in physics and the chemical physics track of the chemistry major. Prior academic and research experience involves mathematical and computer modeling of biology. She plans to pursue a Ph.D. in physics. In her very spare time she most enjoys museums, the arts, visiting historical homes, independent movies and learning the art of stained glass. Prof. Kenneth Crozier
Yanshu Zou
Rafael Wynton Tilghman is a mechanical engineering major at North Carolina A&T University. He is entering the last year of the five year dual degree engineering program with Morehouse College and NC A&T. He was born in Wilmington, Delaware and his hobbies include listening to music, watching and playing sports, eating good food, spending time with friends, and meeting new people. Prof. Eric Mazur
Loren Cerami
Patricia (Patty) E. Voll is a physics major at the University of Washington in Seattle and will be starting her senior year next fall. When not studying physics, she enjoys playing clarinet, cooking, playing ultimate frisbee, reading, going on adventures, and hanging out with friends. Prof. Cynthia Friend
Dr. Richard Schalek
Dr. Byoung Koun Min
John Waldeisen will be entering his senior year at Penn State University. He is majoring in Engineering Science and Mechanics and plans to complete two minors in Bioengineering and Economics. John is researching his honors thesis in the structural transformations of chemical sensors and is extremely excited to be working and living at Harvard for the summer. John is quite active in Coaches vs. Cancer and loves to meet, recruit, and mentor incoming freshmen for his department. When the central PA weather is nice he can be found outside playing a pickup basketball game, running, or throwing the baseball with friends. John looks forward to a summer in Boston, graduate school, and the many directions life will lead. Prof. George Whitesides
Max Navrolyansky
Dan Wulin will be entering his senior year at Columbia University. He is majoring in physics with a concentration in mathematics. His hobbies include tennis, running, reading, movies, and watching baseball. Prof. Shriram Ramanathan
Alvin Yiu Chun Yu was born in Woodstock, Ontario, but moved to Hong Kong at the age of 4 and has lived there since then. He is a rising junior at Harvard University concentrating in Biochemistry and Biomedical Engineering, and after college he plans to pursue an M.D./Ph.D. program and conduct medically related research. He is a great fan of all types of movies and plays (watching, not performing), and he loves to borrow books from the library but never has time to actually finish reading them. He also enjoys anything Japan-related, Taekwondo, Cantopop, traveling, enjoying life, and FOOD. Prof. Debra Auguste