Chukwunomnso Chukwunomso Agunwamba will be entering his senior year at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He is majoring in physics and mathematics. His hobbies include soccer, tennis, reading, playing piano, and African drumming.

Project: Modeling the resolution for photoacoustic biomicrosopy in the Giga-Hertz frequency range
Prof. Shriram Ramanathan

Funding: NNIN
2007sizeNoImage Musa Al Haj Ahmad is a Harvard student who will be working in the lab of Aravi Samuel.

Project: C. elegans response to stimuli
Prof. Aravi Samuel
Linjiao Luo

Funding: Materials for BRIDGE
Brandon Brandon Bailey is a student at Duke University in the class of 2008.

Project: Position and velocity dependence of early motor learning
Prof. Maurice Smith
Gary Sing

Funding: Materials for BRIDGE
Barton Phillip Barton is just finishing his sophomore year at Northwestern University as a Materials Science and Engineering major. Chicago has been great for the past two years, but he is definitely excited to explore the Boston/Cambridge area. Being from the Seattle area, he loves going to concerts and hiking up mountains, but is generally up for anything.

Project: Electromigration in single crystal copper whiskers
Dr. Michael Burns

Funding: Materials for BRIDGE
Boice Jennifer Boice is a rising senior double majoring in Physics and Chemistry at Simmons College in Boston, MA.  In her free time, she enjoys running, listening to music, playing tennis, and stargazing.  After graduation, Jennifer plans to go to graduate school and hopes to eventually work at NASA.

Project: Particles with tailored electromagnetic properties
Dr. Peer Fischer  

Funding: The Rowland Institute at Harvard
Brittman Sarah Brittman is a chemistry concentrator at Harvard who will be working in the lab of Prof. Hongkun Park.

Project: Electronic properties of nanowires of antimony telluride, a phase change material
Prof. Hongkun Park
Nathalie De Leon

Funding: NSEC
Buraimoh Ayodele Buraimoh is a biology concentrator at Harvard. Prof. David Mooney
Dr. Lan Cao

Funding: MRSEC
Caram Justin Caram is a rising junior at Harvard University. He enjoys salsa dancing, and will be organizing social activities this summer. Prof. Vinothan Manoharan
Castillo Amalchi Castillo just completed his freshman year at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez campus where he majors in Chemical Engineering. He enjoys writing poetry and reading everything from nineteenth century literature, to scientific articles and biochemistry books. He currently plans on pursuing another major in either industrial biotechnology or bioengineering.

Project: Protein concentration using an integrated circuit/microfluidic chip for programmable manipulation with dielectrophoresis
Prof. Robert Westervelt
David Issadore,
Keith Brown

Funding: Materials for BRIDGE
Chalfin Max Chalfin is a Harvard Physics concentrator who will be working in the lab of Professor Jenny Hoffman.

Project: Building a magnetic force microscope (MFM)
Prof. Jenny Hoffman
2007sizeNoImage Meaghan Colling is a chemistry concentrator at Harvard University. She is on the swim team at Harvard, and is a twelve-time Ivy Championship Finalist.

Project: Water and styrene coadsorption studies on TiO2(110)
Prof. Cynthia Friend
Ryan Quiller
DeLalglesia Pablo De La Iglesia is a rising junior majoring in Chemical Engineering at the University of New Mexico. He is the Treasurer for both the Hispanic Engineering and Science Organization and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers at UNM.

Project: Elasticity of collagen fibers
Prof. David Weitz
Louise Jawerth,
David Vader

DeLorenzo Laura DeLorenzo just finished her freshman year at Dartmouth, majoring in Engineering Sciences.

Project: Particle Motion on an Oil/Water Interface
Prof. Vinothan Manoharan
Emily Gardel

Funding: Materials for BRIDGE

Thao Do is originally from Vietnam and is a rising sophomore at Virginia Tech University, where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering with Minors in Computer Science and Mathematics. In her spare time, she enjoys ballroom dancing, cardio-boxing, swimming, and playing tennis.

Project: Surface modification of PDMS channels

Prof. David Weitz
Dr. Adam Abate

Funding: Materials for BRIDGE

Joseph D’Silva is a rising junior majoring in electrical and computer engineering at Cornell University. 

Project: Fabrication of ultra-flat micron-diameter gold surfaces for mechanical characterization of DNA molecules

Dr. Ozgur Sahin

Funding: The Rowland Institute at Harvard

Chimdimnma (Chi-Chi) Esimai is an biomedical engineering concentrator at Harvard.

Project: Blowing on a bottle

Prof. L. Mahadevan
Dr. Shreyas Mandre

Funding: Materials for BRIDGE
Fatur Steven Fatur currently attends Tufts University in the class of 2008, majoring in Chemistry and Spanish.  He returned this summer from Spain having spent my 2006-2007 school year studying Philology and History at the Universidad de Sevilla, Spain.  When not working or studying, he really enjoy playing soccer, going to the beach, and watching the Pittsburgh Pirates lose baseball games. Prof. Michael Aziz
Jason Rugolo

Funding: NNIN
Franklan Ian Frank is a rising senior in physics and materials science at Pomona College. He was born and raised in Turkey, and speaks fluent Turkish.

Project: Maskless nanolithography using an Atomic Force Microscope
Prof. Marko Loncar
Dr. JD Deng

Funding: NNIN
Garcia Danielle Garcia is a senior majoring in Chemical Engineering at the University of New Mexico. She is the Vice President of the Tau Beta Pi chapter at UNM.

Project: Response of embryonic stem cells to constrained growth area
Prof. Debra Auguste
Renita Horton

Gloria Mary Gloria is a rising senior at the University of Texas at Austin studying biomedical engineering. She enjoys music, traveling, and hanging out with friends.

Project: Magnetic self-assembly of poly(dimethyl siloxane) sheets utilizing Concepts from Protein folding
Prof. George Whitesides
George Kaufman,
Dr. Meital Reches
Grolman Joshua Grolman has just finished his freshman year at the University of Mass. at Amherst. He studies biochemistry and Marxian economics. He enjoys composing and listening to music, and random jam sessions with tea.

Project: Image analysis with MATLAB: exploring effects of volume on ice nucleation
Prof. David Weitz
Katie Humphry

Funding: Materials for BRIDGE
Humphrey Marion Andrew Humphrey is a junior at Davidson College who hails from Little Rock, Arkansas. He participates in concert choir and acts in plays. In the Spring of 2005, he worked as a page for the U.S. Senate.

Project: Estimating the gradient of CO concentrations between inland and coastal Amazonian sites
Prof. Steve Wofsy
Dr. Bill Munger,
V.Y. Chow,
Dylan Boyd

Funding: NIRT in Nanogeosciences
Jerison2 Elizabeth Jerison just completed her freshman year in physics at Yale.

Project: Investigating cell mechanics with with digital holographic microscopy
Prof. Vinothan Manoharan
Professor David Weitz,
Dr. Tommy Angelini,
Ryan McGorty

Funding: Materials for BRIDGE
Jimenez Angela Jimenez is originally from Colombia. Currently, she is a senior pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering at The City College of New York. She feels great passion about science, especially in Bio-engineering and Drug Delivery related topics and plans to attend to graduate school. She enjoys playing sports, dancing, sewing and listening to music.

Project: Behavior of a droplet with a reactive interface
Prof. Howard Stone
Dr. Sigolene Lecuyer,
Professor Andrew Belmonte

Funding: Materials for BRIDGE
Kauffman Matt Kauffman is a rising senior year at Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, MA, majoring in electrical engineering and mathematics.  He enjoys all sports, especially basketball, and is on the tennis team at ENC.  Also, he is always up for a game of ultimate frisbee.  He loves being in the Boston area, and enjoys eating great food and watching funny movies and TV shows.

Project: USB interfacing to the Fabutron chip
Prof. Robert Westervelt
Keith Brown,
David Issadore

Funding: Materials for BRIDGE
Kermes Sean Kermes is a student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is an expert grilled cheese chef.

Project: Scientific computing with Doom 3
Prof. Alan Aspuru-Guzik
Dr. Ali Najmaie
2007sizeNoImage Hasan Korre

Project: Constant vigilance! Being provenance aware
Prof. Margo Seltzer
Maestas Amorette Maestas is a rising senior majoring in Chemistry at the University of New Mexico.

Project: Synthesis of metallic nanoparticles in a microfluidic device
Prof. George Whitesides
Dr. T. Fettah Kosar,
Dr. Rob Rioux

Matyushov Alexei Matyushov just completed his sophomore year at Arizona State University. He is studying microbiology and physics. He was born in the Ukraine, and has lived in Austria. 

Project: Simulating a glacier in the lab
Prof. Peter Huybers
Prof. Howard Stone
Jacy Bird

Funding: NIRT in Nanogeosciences
McElhoney Kyle McElhoney will be entering his senior year at Siena College, where he is majoring in Chemistry.  He is interested in research and working towards becoming a professor.  Outside of chemistry, he sits on the Student Events Board and enjoys intramural sports, movies and music.

Project: Nitrogen isotopes in cretaceous oceanic anoxic event sediments
Prof. Ann Pearson
Meytal Higgin

Funding: NIRT in Nanogeosciences
Murphy Rebecca Murphy has just completed her sophomore year at the University of Rochester where she is majoring in Chemistry.  She competes on the U of R Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track, and Equestrian teams.  After college she would like to go on to get a PhD in Chemistry to become a medicinal chemist.

Project: Design and synthesis of an improved red fluorophore for biological use
Dr. Jim Foley
Funding: The Rowland Institute at Harvard
Nam Sarah Nam is entering her sophomore year at Harvard College.  This summer, she worked in Professor Marko Loncar’s lab, performing nano-optical research. Sarah enjoys playing the oboe, dancing, traveling, and eating with her friends.

Project: Synthesis and characterization of crystalline Ag nanowires for nano-plasmonics
Prof. Marko Loncar
Dr. Irfan Bulu

Funding: Materials for BRIDGE
Ononiwu Chiagozie Ononiwu is a senior Biology major in Howard University who hails from Nigeria. She loves learning new languages, and currently speaks three. In her spare time she enjoys watching TV, reading books, and talking with friends. She also plays the keyboard and violin.

Project: Behavior of C. elegans upon exposure to blue light
Prof. Aravi Samuel
Linjiao Luo
Phillips Katherine (Kasey) Phillips is a rising senior in physics and math at North Carolina State University. After attending graduate school in physics, she hopes to then work in science public policy.  She loves traveling, cooking, and the arts.  She cannot wait to spend the summer exploring Boston.

Project: Silica nanowires: manipulating light at the nanoscale
Prof. Eric Mazur
Geoff Svacha

Funding: REU Supplement
Quinn Chris Quinn is a rising senior at Cornell University, majoring in Engineering Physics.  He enjoys outdoor activities including running, biking, and swimming.  He also enjoys a good book when he has time. 

Project: A fish out of water: the development of a micro-scale robotic fish
Prof. Rob Wood
Rodriguez David Rodriguez is a rising junior at Quinnipiac University majoring in Chemistry and with a minor in Criminal Justice. 

Project: Scanning electron microscopy on cardiomyocytes with fibronectin microbeads adhered to the surface
Prof. Kevin Kit Parker
Eric Weiss

Funding: Materials for BRIDGE
Romano Nicole Romano is a rising senior studying Biomaterials Science & Engineering and Viola Performance at Johns Hopkins University.  She enjoys traveling, the wilderness, impromptu chamber music, and cooking.

Project: Encapsulating single cells in monodisperse gel particles for high throughput genomic profiling
Prof. David Weitz 
Dr. Jeremy Agresti,
Dr. Amy Rowat
Rosenberg Ohad Rosenberg is a student at the Technion in Israel. He will arrive mid-July.

Project: Thermal and electrical properties of very thin films
Prof. Joost Vlassak
Patrick McCluskey

Funding: HSEAS
2007sizeNoImage Roanna Ruiz is a rising junior at Harvard concentrating in biomedical engineering. Prof. Eric Mazur 
Sam Chung

Funding: REU Supplement
Ruther Haley Ruther is an entering junior at Pittsburg State University in Kansas, majoring in biochemistry with a cell biology and music minor. She is into the Harry Potter series and anything that has to do with fantasy. She likes going out to see movies, watch concerts or theater shows, going to museums, shopping and practicing her instrument.

Project: Effects of applied catechins on host performance and herbivory
Dr. Kristin Lewis

Funding: The Rowland Institute at Harvard
Saigal Amrita Saigal is a rising sophomore at MIT majoring in mechanical engineering.

Project: Fabrication of thin-film solid-oxide fuel cells
Prof. Shriram Ramanathan
Dr. Alex Johnson

Funding: NNIN
Sanders Jennifer Sanders is a rising senior majoring in Physics at Westminster College in Fulton Missouri. Her greater desire is to use the study of Physics and Chemistry to observe the complexity of God's creation. After graduation she will pursue a joint degree from Washington University in St. Louis in the Chemical Engineering concentration.

Project: Stains in clothing: capture of colloidal particles in a porous media
Prof. Howard Stone
Dr. William Ristenpart
Smith Derek Smith is a rising junior at Rochester University majoring in chemical engineering.

Project: Functionalization of silicon nanoparticles for hyperpolarized magnetic resonance imaging
Prof. Charlie Marcus
Dr. T. Fettah Kosar

Funding: NNIN
Sontheimer Tobias Sontheimer is studying physics at RWTH in Aachen, Germany.

Project: Crystallization kinetics and optical properties of tellurium compounds used for phase change recording
Prof. Frans Spaepen
Dr. Ingo Ramsteiner

Funding: HSEAS
Stwertka Carolyn Stwertka, physics major at Middlebury College, will return for a second year as an REU affiliate. Prof. Susan Watson
Prof. Charlie Marcus
Sygie Julia Sygiel is a rising junior at Brown University where she is concentrating in Chemical Engineering. She grew up in the Appalachian mountains of Eastern Kentucky. This past spring she studied abroad in Guadalajara, Mexico, and is now missing tacos and chile peppers. She enjoys international travel, flamenco dance, and Girl Scout cookies.

Project: Analysis of surface ozone concentrations
Prof. Daniel Jacob
Dr. Loretta Mickley,
Eric Liebensperger

Funding: NIRT in Nanogeosciences
Thatcher Evan Thatcher is a rising senior at Haverford College majoring in physics and astronomy. His interests include food, sleep, fun and sports such as ultimate, soccer and golf.

Project: Energy transfer in nanostructures
Prof. Alan Aspuru-Guzik 
Dr. Ali Najmaie

Funding: NIRT in Nanogeosciences
Tiwari Shaun Tiwari is a senior at Boston University majoring in Health Science. Prof. David Mooney
Yu Ching Yung

Funding: Materials for BRIDGE
Vigil Derek Vigil is a rising senior majoring in Materials Science at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He rode a bus from Biloxi, Mississippi to get to the REU program.

Project: Towards an in vitro brain aneurysm model
Prof. Debra Auguste
Marjan Rafat

Funding: MRSEC
Wernli Stefan Wernli is a rising senior at Harvard University studying computer science and physics.

Project: Control and analysis programs for scanning tunneling microscopy
Prof. Jenny Hoffman

Funding: NSEC
Wierzbiki Michael Wierzbicki is a rising senior majoring in Mathematics and Physics at Furman University.  He is from Chicago and likes to play piano, run, hike, and read. 

Project: Single molecule force study using optical tweezers
Dr. Wesley Wong

Funding: Rowland Institute at Harvard

Laurel Wixson is a rising junior at UC Santa Barbara where she is currently pursuing a B.S. in chemical engineering and minoring in German.  She plans on attending graduate school on the East Coast and getting a job in industry that makes use of both her chemical engineering background and her language skills.  In her free time, Laurel enjoys reading, cooking, camping, Disneyland, long road trips, and spending time with friends and family.

Project: Oxidation reactions on Au(111)
Prof. Cynthia Friend
Dr. Weiwei Gao, Joel Yao
Yoon Insun Yoon is a rising junior at Mount Holyoke College majoring in Biochemistry. She was born in Korea, and enjoys swimming and yoga.

Project: Fabrication of giant phospholipid vesicles from double emulsions in microfluidics
Prof. David Weitz
Anderson Ho, Cheung Shum, 
Dr. Daeyeon Lee