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Lab Safety Committee


Administration of Safety Program

Harvard University is committed to promoting and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for its faculty, staff, students, and visitors. Safety is everyone's responsibility and depends on the vigilance and concern of each person in the research group, with the Principal Investigator leading the effort by supporting and modeling a culture of safety.

To aid in this effort, SEAS established a standing committee on safety in October, 1983, consisting of representatives from all of the major research laboratories and members of the School's administrative and support staff. 

Since some safety questions can be open to personal interpretation, situations that cannot be resolved locally are brought to the attention of the Executive Committee of the Safety Committee. The Executive Committee includes the Associate Dean of the School, the Chair of the Safety Committee, SEAS Facilities Manager, and representatives from the Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) department.

Assignment of Responsibility

Principal Investigators are ultimately responsible for the safety of every person in their laboratories; the Safety Committee, under authorization from the Dean of the School, is tasked with helping EH&S disseminate pertinent information to ensure that research and teaching are conducted in a safe manner. The Lab Safety Officer is responsible for sharing the information communicated in these meetings with the rest of the personnel in their lab, including the PI.

For more information about roles and responsibilities, please refer to the University Lab Safety Policy.

Where to find us

Dr. Michelle MacLeod

SEAS Director of Science Operations & ESCO
SEC Room 1.305

(617) 496-3414

Maryam Borton, CIH

EH&S Lab Safety Adviser
114 Western Ave rm. 1218
(617) 564-8888


Linda Loprete

Meetings & Inspections Scheduling
BioLabs - 16 Divinity Ave, Room 1050
(617) 495-2345