Emergency Response

Record of Accidents

An Accident Report form, which is available from your local Safety Officer, SEAS Accounting Office, or online, must be filed for every accident, no matter how minor. 

Should you be involved in an accident, University and departmental policies require that you inform

  1. Your supervisor
  2. The chair of the Safety Committee (Anas Chalah) and EHS (Maryam Borton)
  3. and Harvard's University Health Services

• Return Accident Report Forms to supervisor to complete and sign.

• Completed Accident Report Forms are then submitted to Human Resources by the Supervisor. Human resources will forward a copy to the third party administrator and EHS for review.

Incident Investigations should be completed as soon as possible. This form is for EHS internal use to identify trends and prevent reoccurances.

Reporting an accident has three important functions:

  1. It alerts your Supervisor or Department Head to the accident. They, in turn, have the responsibility of reporting accidents to Human Resources for insurance coverage and to comply with State regulations in cases involving Workmen's Compensation;
  2. Reporting accidents to the University Health Services minimizes the chance that an apparently minor injury might become aggravated; and
  3. It alerts the School and the University to potentially unsafe practices.


Emergency Response Guide

The Emergency Response Guide should be present in every SEAS laboratory.

The Local Emergency Numbers section of the Guide can be updated easily:

  • Contact Maryam to pick up printed labels which cover the page
  • Or, print labels yourself using this template (for Avery 5126 labels)

Emergency Procedures by Building (tri-fold brochures)

Hazardous Waste

For emergencies involving Hazardous Waste, contact:

Lance Schumacher
(617) 496-9152