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PPE Assessment

The PPE assessment tool is available through EH&S. This link also contains PPE selection guides sorted by task and type.

Remember that you may want to review the PPE assessment with your PI while it is in draft form.  The final version must be

  • signed by your PI, and
  • posted on the last page of your Emergency Response Guide in the lab.  
  • You or your PI will need to review these rules with your lab group.

To assist in the PPE Policy implementation and safety documentation for your lab:

  1. The Laboratory Safety Orientation Checklist should be completed with new lab members. This has a check box covering PPE Policy.
  2. There may be on file a SEAS PPE Sign Off document, is a simple sheet to document the individuals who have already gone through the safety orientation in your lab, but still need to sign off on the new PPE assessment.
  3. Please send Linda copies of the SEAS Laboratory Safety Checklist and SEAS PPE Sign Off as they are completed.

Lab Coat Program

SEAS Safety Program will cover the costs of lab coat delivery and lab coat cleaning services for all SEAS labs. Please contact Linda to find out how to participate in this service.

  1. There is one primary pick-up location in each SEAS building:
    1. 9 Oxford – McKay – Basement level of LISE, within sightline straight ahead off elevator. Weitz lab has a location on the fifth floor.
    2. 19 Oxford – Cruft – 116 (for now, Hau Lab only)
    3. 29 Oxford – Pierce – Basement, below G12
    4. 33 Oxford – MD – 315 (for now, Ham Lab only)
    5. 52 Oxford - NW Labs - (for now, Lewis lab only)
    6. 58 Oxford – ESL – second floor, at the back elevators.
    7. 60 Oxford – 4th floor, next to Wyss coats
  2. Each person has a coat number. Coats are on the racks in number order. Names are also on the coats.
  3. At each location is also a blue laundry bag. Coats to be laundered can go into any Crown laundry bag, including one in a different building, and those originally designated for Wyss coats.
  4. Plastic bags should be recycled in the laundry bags with coats.
  5. Coat hangers should be recycled on the hanger stand nearby.
  6. Fridays are pick-up/drop-off days. Coats in the laundry bags will be picked up for laundering Fridays; clean coats will also be delivered at this time.
  7. If you need to add/remove a coat, change sizes, change coat locations, etc.,  please contact LindaTo find your size, try on coats from your local rack. Size numbers appear after names. Note, the sizes are rough approximations of US women’s and men’s jacket sizes.

Eye Exams, for laser users

For individuals who use Class 3B or 4 lasers, a laser pre-assignment eye exam is recommended (but no longer required) prior to laser use.

SEAS Safety Program will cover the costs of this pre-assignment eye exam, per these instructions: http://www.ehs.harvard.edu/programs/radiation-training

Notes for filling out the form:

  • Fill out the form with your info and have it signed by your PI or Lab Manager.
  • The PI will supply the Laser Permit number.
  • Contact Linda; she will write in the billing code info and record admin info for the SEAS Safety Program.
  • Schedule your appointment at University Health Services Eye Clinic: (617) 495-2056
  • Have the clinic fax, mail, or email the completed form, signed by the optometrist to the EH&S Radiation Protection Office at the contact information provided at the bottom of the form

Glove Safety

Permeation and Degradation Resistance Guide for Gloves can be found here. For help selecting the appropriate glove for your project, please contact Maryam Borton.

On-Campus resources

Pierce Hall near Pierce G2A (Anas's office): Pressure-relief caps, Emergency Response Guides, refrigerator labels and some eye protection are freely available here. Please let Anas or Maryam know if you've taken some so we can replenish the stock.

Pierce Hall, in stock, and by request: Other immediate-need PPE, including disposable Tyvek lab coats, different types of safety glasses and goggles, and multiples sizes and types of gloves. (Here's what's in stock.)
Please contact Anas or Maryam for info.

VWR on campus:
Biology Stockroom, 16 Divinity Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138
Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Contact Stanley Feldman stan_feldman@vwr.com (617) 495-2385

In Fall 2012 we discovered women's-size safety glasses. These are excellent for small face shapes. VWR stockroom now carries them, and we recommend them!