Safety Items Provided

This list itemizes the Safety Committee inventory. Items are paid for by the Committee, so are available at no additional cost to SEAS labs. Please contact Anas or Maryam.


Lab Coats

  • DuPont Tyvek disposable lab coats. Sizes S, M, L, XL. Available for guests, temporary lab workers, especially messy experiments, ...
  • Also, remember the Lab Coat Program, through which many labs already have guest coats. 

Eye Safety

  • Jackson Safety protective eye goggles
  • Jackson Safety monogoggle face shields
  • Samples of smaller-framed glasses
  • Samples of over-the-glasses safety glasses


  • Nitrile, 12.5", size medium, 15mil, lined
  • Nitrile, 12.5", multiple sizes, 11mil, lined
  • Nitrile, 10", size large+, certified for clean room use
  • Neoprene over natural rubber with flock lining, 13", multiple sizes, 26 mil
  • Latex Anti-C, 13"+, sizes 9 and 10
  • Latex, 12", size medium, certified for clean room use

Hearing Protection

  • Howard Leight/Sperian ear plugs, 32 decibles
  • Howard Leight/Sperian banded ear plugs, 25 decibles

Breathing Protection

  • Kimberly-Clark TECNOL cone masks, latex free


  • Cryo gloves, size large
  • Cryo face sheilds, double matrix, acetate

Spill Cleanup

  • PIG counter-top spill kits
  • PIG absorbent mats
  • Chemical-specific spill kits can be supplied as recommended by EH&S


  • Vented caps for use with nitric acid or other oxidizing agent waste containers
  • Tags for Peroxidizable Material