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This semester I’m co-teaching systems analysis and physiology (ES145/215) with Garrett Stanley, and in the spring I'm co-teaching decision theory (ES201) with Roger Brockett.

Engineering Sciences 145/215

Introduction to Systems Analysis with Physiological Applications
Half course (Fall term)
Tu & Th, 1-2:30pm
EXAM GROUP: 15, 16

A survey of systems theory with applications from bioengineering and physiology. Analysis: modeling real systems as discrete elements; nonlinear systems, the complementary nature of time and frequency methods; feedback; stability; biological oscillations. Applications: muscle dynamics and nerve function, cardiovascular regulation. Laboratory: neural modeling; feedback control systems; properties of muscles; cardiovascular function.

Prerequisites: Applied Mathematics 21b or Mathematics 21b or equivalent.

Course related materials: (these will be posted on the main ES145 site after Prof. Stanley gets back to town)

Intro to CNS slides

Auditory system lecture notes

Homework #3

Solutions to Homework #3

Engineering Sciences 201

Decision Theory
Spring 2006
Meeting Time: M., W., F., at 10
Exam Group: 3

Mathematical analysis of decision making. Bayesian inference and risk. Maximum likelihood and nonparametric methods. Algorithmic methods for decision rules: perceptrons, neural nets, and back propagation. Hidden Markov models, Blum-Welch, principal and independent components.


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