The Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching (HILT) announced today that 47 proposals from the University community will receive a total of nearly $2 million in the inaugural round of Hauser Fund grants.

The grants aim to promote effective teaching and learning by funding pedagogical activities that are innovative, evidence-based, and extendable across varied academic settings. Individual and group awards of up to $50,000 (with exceptions for larger, high-impact proposals with decanal support) are being given to faculty, students, and staff across the University.

A list of the SEAS-affiliated grants are below:

Expanding existing innovative program for assessing student learning in hands-on innovation courses

Beth Altringer (SEAS)

Awardee plans to advance methods for better assessing how teams interact and ideas develop during experiential learning in multi-disciplinary engineering classes focused on design and innovation.

Transforming education through computer vision analysis and automated assessment

Eric Mazur (SEAS), Todd Zickler (SEAS), Rachel Scherr (Other)

Awardees plan to develop tools for automatically analyzing student behavior, promoting richer interactions between students and teachers, and optimizing peer instruction in large lecture classes.

WSI/ELP water policy learning project

John Briscoe (SEAS), Jody Freeman (HLS), Richard Lazarus (HLS)

Awardees plan to involve students in a multidisciplinary, collaborative project on water policy in an effort to use experiential and team-based learning to teach students vital professional skills.

See the full list of HILT grant award winners.