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Alumni News Brief

10 alumni named to Forbes ’30 Under 30’

Ten SEAS alumni have been listed in Forbes “30 Under 30,” an annual list that highlights 600 of the brightest young entrepreneurs, leaders, and stars.

Luciano Arango, A.B. '16 (computer science), was listed in the enterprise technology category for the startup be co-founded, ScopeAI, which uses AI to help companies sort through feedback from customers.

Kevin Chen, Ph.D. ’17 (engineering sciences), was listed in the science category for his work to design an insect-sized robot that can walk on water, sink into water, and then resurface.

Tyler Clites, S.B. ’14 (engineering sciences – biomedical engineering), was listed in the health care category for his doctoral work at MIT, where he designed a way to make prosthetic limbs that communicate sensations of joint position and movement directly to the nervous system.

Cole Diamond, S.M. '15 (computational science and engineering), was listed in the finance category for his work as portfolio manager at Millennium Management, where he runs a statistical arbitrage strategy using machine learning.

Dennis Grishin, S.M. ’17 (computer science), was listed in the health care category for the startup he co-founded, Nebula Genomics, which is creating a technology that helps people protect and share their genetic code.

Richard Lee, A.B. ’11 (computer science), head of systemic engineering at BlueMountain Capital, was listed in the finance category for his work to oversee the technology platform that drives discretionary and systematic investing strategies for $20 billion in hedge fund assets.

Marinna Madrid, Ph.D. ’18 (applied physics), and Nabiha Saklayen, Ph.D. ’17 (physics), were listed in the health care category for the startup they co-founded, Cellino Biotech Inc., which uses lasers to modify stem cells in order to make it more efficient to create the types of cells needed for new, innovative cell therapies.

Dan Nevius, S.B. ’11, (electrical engineering and computer science), was listed in the science category for the startup he co-founded, Analytical Space, which is building a network of small, laser-based satellites to build a better and faster infrastructure for satellite communications.

Jennifer Xia, A.B. ’12 (applied mathematics), was listed in the social entrepreneurs category for the startup she founded, FreeWill, which makes it easy to leave charitable bequests as part of a will by moving the process online.


Luciano Arango                                                     Kevin Chen  


Tyler Clites                                                            Cole Diamond


Dennis Grishin                                                      Richard Lee


Marinna Madrid                                                    Dan Nevius


Nabiha Saklayen                                                   Jennifer Xia



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