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Changed world

Changing Our World: True Stories of Women Engineers, published by the American Society of Civil Engineers, features two DEAS pioneers

Model behavior

Undergraduates win the 2006 Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP) Mathematical Modeling Competition

Inspired engineering

Artist Jonathon Nix created the "Mahadevan Series", a group of paintings inspired by Professor L. Mahadevan's elegant research on the science of everyday life

Muscle man

Bioengineer David Mooney and his team have developed a new method of cell transplantation (Harvard Gazette)

Light train

Donhee Ham group's demonstration of a robust self-sustained electrical soliton oscillator is discussed in the March 2nd edition of Nature Magazine News and Views section

Clicks in class

Eric Mazur has helped Harvard launch its first wireless classroom. Aided by clickers that allow students to raise a virtual hand to answer questions (Harvard Gazette)


Daniel Foti receives the Colonel and Mrs. S.S. Dennis, III Scholarship

American dreams

Colette Shen '04 (AB in Engineering Sciences) is among the 30 graduate students in the nation named Paul and Daisy Soros new American Fellows for 2006

A bit more press

The Financial Times features a piece highlighting Professor Harry Lewis' course "Bits"

Kicking and scheming

Undergrads from Harvard and MIT join together to compete on a robotic field of dreams (Harvard Gazette)