Petition for additional semester beyond senior year to complete the SB degree

In exceptional cases, and only to meet specific SB degree requirements, students may petition to remain in SEAS beyond the end of the second term of their senior year. Students in SB programs must submit these petitions to the Undergraduate Engineering Committee in SEAS, who will make the final decision. Like the Ad Board, decisions of the Committee take into account the best educational and personal interests of the student as well as the mission of SEAS. The process of petitioning the Committee begins with a conversation between a student and his or her program’s ADUS or DUS, in which the reasons for the petition and the circumstances that may or may not warrant its approval are all discussed. At the same time, the student should consult with their Allston Burr Resident Dean about their tuition and fees, and their eligibility for College housing and financial aid. The student will then write a statement explaining their request and specific circumstances and forward this petition to the Undergraduate Engineering Committee, where it will be read carefully, discussed, and decided.

The Committee will weigh the student’s academic record and performance in the SEAS community when considering the petition. Petitions related to non-medical events must be submitted to the Undergraduate Engineering Committee no later than January 15 between the student’s fifth and sixth terms (i.e., middle of junior year), or August 15 between the student’s fifth and sixth terms if the student’s fifth term is the spring. (Petitions related to legitimate medical conditions that require a request for approval for work at a reduced rate should be submitted directly to the Ad Board at any time.) Petitions are either “approved” or “denied.” The student is informed of the decision and any related instructions or stipulations in writing. In addition, SEAS will notify the Registrar and the student's Resident Dean (if applicable). A copy of the petition and the decision letter are placed in the student’s SEAS file. Under no circumstances will the Committee grant a student permission for more than two additional terms.