Graduate Student Councils

SEAS Graduate Council

The SEASGC provides an opportunity for SEAS graduate students to be involved in our growing community.  The SEASGC encompasses all area disciplines at SEAS and sees its main purposes to foster community, encourage student engagement on both an academic and personal level, and to work with the SEAS administration to address any issues related to student life.

The SEASGC holds many social events throughout the year, organizes events for the Admitted Student Open House and Orientation, and holds Town Hall meetings for the student body.  It also supports graduate student groups and SEAS Connect – the graduate student advisor program.

The SEASGC will also create opportunities for groups to share resources as well as work collaboratively to bring concerns to the School’s Administration.  Furthermore the SEASGC will serve the SEAS community by liaising with the Administration, supporting programming and creating programming of its own, and enhance the overall educational experience of the student body.

The SEASGC website is

Applied Physics Graduate Student Council

The APGSC is a group of graduate students who work closely with administration to develop the AP social program for the year. We hold fortnightly socials at the Queens Head (and all in AP are invited to the Physics socials on alternate weeks), and monthly events such as board games nights, Halloween parties and welcome events for first years. The year culminates in the annual AP Fest, a chance for everyone to celebrate the great science done during the past year (and science as art) over food, drink and good company.