Adding a Printer (CentOS)

This page describes adding a printer for the CentOS (Linux) operating system.

For a list of the public printers please visit Public network printers.

  • Open a Terminal by selecting Applications > Accessories > Terminal.

  • In the Terminal, type: sudo system-config-printer

  • Press Enter and you will be prompted for your password. Type your password and press Enter. The Printer configurationprogram will open.

  • Click the New Printer button.

  • In the Printer Name field, type the name of the printer (e.g. prc-2flr-clr).

  • Fill in the optional fields if you want to, then click the Forward button.

  • In the Select Connection list, click AppSocket/HP JetDirect.

  • In the Hostname field, type: <hostname> where "<hostname>" is the appropriate printer hostname (e.g. "") found in Public network printers. Leave the port number at the default 9100.

  • In the Printername field, type the name of the printer (e.g. prc-2flr-clr), then click the Forward button.

  • In the Select Printer from database list, choose the printer's manufacturer (most of our printers are HP)., then click the Forward button.

  • In the Models list, click the model of the printer.

  • In the Drivers list, click the Postscript driver, then click the Forward button.

  • Click Apply to complete the setup.