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Adding a printer (Mac OS X)

Note: If you are trying to print wirelessly, it may be necessary to log onto VPN before starting these instructions.

Add a printer in the Macintosh operating system:

  1. Go to Apple Menu --> System Preferences --> Printers&Scanners.

  2. Click the + (plus) button at the bottom of window.

  3. At the new window choose IP.

  4. Configure the printer as follows:

    1. Address : <hostname> where "<hostname>" is the appropriate printer (e.g. "") found in Public network printers.
    2. Protocol drop down menu : select HP Jet Direct.
    3. Queue  :  Leave blank
    4. Name : <hostname> again.
    5. Location : leave blank.
    6. Use : choose Generic PostScript Printer. That would be ok for regular use. For specialty use (wide printing) you will need to choose Select Software and download the model of the printer from the drop down menu (for printer models, again, check Public Network Printers.)
  5. Click the Add button.
  6. Configure optional features:

    1. If the printer you are printing to has more than 2 trays, check the box next to the correct tray number to allow you to print to the extra trays.
    2. If the printer supports duplexing (two-sided printing), check the duplex unit box. That way you may print double sided.
    3. From the Paper Matching drop down menu, select Nearest Size and Scale:
  7. Click the Continue button.

  8. A dialog box displays the new printer in the printer list.