Adding a printer (Ubuntu)

We are using Ubuntu as an example here, but these instructions should be able to be adapted to any other modern Linux/Unix OS that uses CUPS as its printing system. For a list of the public printers including queue names and printer models see : Public network printers.

  • At the bar, go to System Settings --> Printers

  • Click Add and select Find Network Printer

  • Enter the IP address in the Host field, and click Find.

  • The system should now have found your printer.

  • Click Forward and wait while the system searches for drivers.

  • Choose the driver and install it (Look for the mark and model on the printer to guide your choice).

  • Customize the Installed Options page if you know the defaults are not correct, for example, check Duplex Unit if you know the printer can print double-sided.

  • Customize Printer Name, Description, and Location if you'd like.

  • Click Apply to finish.

You should now see the new printer in your list of available printers.