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Adding a printer (Windows)

Note: If you are trying to print wirelessly, it may be necessary to log onto the SEAS VPN before starting these instructions.

For a list of the public printers please follow this link Public network printers:

  1. Click the Start button, then type printers in the "Start Search" section at the bottom, then press Enter.
  2. Click the Add a Printer button.
  3. Click Add a local printer.
  4. Click the Create a new port: radio button.
  5. Select Standard TCP/IP Device in the Device type: list.
  6. Click the Next button.
  7. Type the printer Hostname (e.g. ""), found in Public network printers.
  8. Click the Next button.
  9. In the next window, select the Custom radio button then click the Settings... button.
  10. Select the RAW radio button.
  11. Remove "" from the Port Name field. All that should be left is the name of the printer (e.g. "prc-1flr-clr2).
  12. Make sure the Port Number is set to 9100.
  13. Click OK.
  14. Click the Next button and the Finish button to get back to the Add Printer Wizard.
  15. Find the driver that matches the type of printer to which you are connecting.
  16. Note: If you do not see your driver listed under its manufacturer, try clicking the Windows Update button, which will update the driver list after a few minutes. If you still do not see the driver, try downloading the driver from HP's website (Printer Driver Download Links), unpacking it, and then clicking the Have Disk... button to tell Windows where to find the driver.
  17. After selecting a driver, click the Next button, then type a printer name. The default name is just the name of the driver, so you can highlight the default name then type whatever you want. As a best practice, use the same name that you used to set up the printer port- for example, prc-2flr-clr.
  18. Next, select whether you want the printer to be the default printer, then click the Next button.
  19. In the Printer Sharing window, click the Next button, then select Yes to printer a test page, click the Next button, then click the Finish button to complete the printer setup.

Download Printer Drivers

Windows printer drivers.