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Mail Delivery

Mail and small packages for individuals within the SEAS community are typically delivered to centralized mailboxes within each building. Larger packages/special deliveries are typically delivered directly to individual offices.

For questions or problems with mail delivery within SEAS, contact the Facilities Office.

For additional information regarding general services, billing, deliveries, mail forwarding and metering contact Harvard University Mail Services.

Metered Mail

Harvard University Mail Services (HUMS)  handles our outgoing metered and stamped mail. Outgoing mail is picked up twice per day from Pierce Hall 2nd floor mail room at 10AM and 2PM.

Outgoing Mail and Billing

To ensure the metered mail is charged to the correct account coding for your area, yellow stickers are provided to area administrative assistants or by contacting

  • Each label has a code typed on it that tells HUMS the correct coding to charge your postage. 
  • Affix a yellow sticker to your metered mail and deposit it into the box. 
  • If you have several pieces of mail, rubber band them together and affix one yellow label to the first piece (no need to label every piece of mail for your area).