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iProcurement Access

In order to be granted system access, the iProcurement Authorization Form should be completed and signed by your PI or Manager, then emailed to

Placing orders using iProcurement

Whenever possible, requisitions should always be submitted before the item or service order is placed.  This is known as a pre-commitment requisition.  This allows for review and pre-approval of your request before the funds are committed to the vendor. It also allows the invoice to be paid electronically via Central Administration.

Useful Links:

Vacation Rule/Granting work-list access:

It is good practice to assign work-list access to a colleague prior to beginning vacation or extended absences from the office. Please read the instructions on granting access to your iProcurement queue.

Important: Please note that the requisition approved by someone accessing your work-list, will still show your name as the approver. You will be responsible for any requisitions approved within your work-list. This is an emergency-only procedure and is not to be used instead of the Vacation Rule.