Computing Announcements- August 2015

Use the Cloud for your Course

If you would like to use the Amazon Cloud (Amazon Web Services or AWS for short) in your class or if you would like to let your students use it for their projects, please let us know. We will help you and your students get going.

EMS (Room Reservation Service) 

The SEAS EMS room booking service has been successfully migrated to the FAS/HUIT roombook. You can now reserve rooms with greater choice!

Home Directories

On August 3rd at 7p.m. we will transition many home directories from the current EMC system to the HUIT file servers. This will allow us to decommission a large amount of out-of-warranty hardware to  improve stability and support. Please turn off or log out of your computer prior to 7 p.m. on August 3rd. Support staff will available the morning of August 4th to assist any user that has trouble reconnecting.

Email Migration for Microsoft Exchange Users

FOr those of you using Microsoft Exchange, our move is complete and Phase One is just about done. On August 10th the first phase of the email migration will be completed as emails are directed to the HUIT ICEMail system, bypassing SEAS servers altogether. This change change how spam is handled. You will receive a daily message listing any emails that have been quarantined so that you can verify if anything was misidentified as spam. More information on managing your settings can be found at The next stage will be migrating exchange mailboxes to Microsoft Office 365. You will again have the option to start using Harvard Google Apps if you prefer. Pilot testing has commenced. We expect the next phase to be easier, faster, and smoother.

Sharepoint Websites

We are preparing user accounts for the final migration of Sharepoint sites to Microsoft Office 365. Once we complete the preparations, Sharepoint sites will be switched over. We will coordinate the transitions directly with Sharepoint site users.