Computing Updates - July 2015

Email Migration Updates

All active users have been transitioned off the SEAS Exchange Servers. We will migrate the 104 distribution groups to Google Groups, and specific information will be sent to the individuals responsible for each distribution group. The final step in this transition will change the path that email takes to get to you, which will remove the SEAS email systems completely from the email flow. 

Proofpoint Spam Filtering

The change in email flow (mentioned above) enables our email to be filtered by the University Proofpoint solution, which should reduce spam. There will be additional communications about this change to affected users, including a link to instructions describing how to manage spam settings in the new system.

EMS (room reservation system)

The scheduled date for the switch from the local SEAS EMS system to the Harvard system is July 22.

Home Directories

A handful of home directories, currently stored on the system called, will move to the HUIT vfiler system. We are turning off the emc00 system this summer. Data has already been copied and is being updated regularly. Specific instructions and timing of the conversion will be sent to those individuals affected. (These users will have to log off their system, log back on, and remap any manual drive mappings at the time of the conversion. Support staff will be available to assist.)

Mailman Email List Migration

We waited to begin the move our mailman mailing lists to Google Groups until we had additional resources available. We will start on this project in the first full week of July. If you manage a mailman list, stay tuned for more information.