Computing Updates - May 2015

Email - We are nearing the completion of the first migration of a two-part migration to Office 365. As of May 6, Computing will have migrated, forwarded, or decommissioned all 1,746 SEAS Exchange Mailboxes. Approximately 800 of these have been moved to the university Exchange system. The second migration for these ~800 will be to the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud-based Exchange system. This second move is currently planned for September 2015.

The EECS email system is scheduled to be decommissioned soon. We are assisting all @eecs and @cs email users that store their email on the eecs system to migrate to (google)

Accellion Secure File Transfer - Computing is turning off the local Accellion infrastructure and transitioning to the central university Accellion service. All users who use the Outlook plugin have been transferred to the new system as part of the email migration project. SEAS users can use the central system at by logging in with their university credentials.

As of June 1, the Accellion kite drive solution piloted by some SEAS users will no longer be available. Users are encouraged to use Microsoft One Drive, available through the university's Office 365 subscription, or Google Drive, available through Harvard's Security Office has certified One Drive for use with Level 4 data and Google Drive for use with Level 3 data.

Mailman - Computing plans to replace all mailing lists for @seas, @eecs, and @cs with Google Groups. We are currently testing with a few groups that have migrated. If you wish to be part of the pilot, please let us know. Otherwise, we will be in touch soon to coordinate a cutover date as soon as the pilot is complete. We hope to complete all replacement of mailing lists by June 30.

EMS - Computing is in the process of consolidating the EMS system used for room reservations with the system used around the university. This is scheduled to occur at the end of May after commencement. More details will be forthcoming.

Sharepoint - Computing is meeting with SharePoint users to schedule the direct migration of SharePoint sites to Office 365. We plan to complete this migration by June 30.

Tableau - Computing has deployed Tableau for use by the Finance team. Tableau is a business intelligence toolset for analytics and visualization of data. The Finance group is working with and learning about the platform which should be in full production by the fall.

Financial Dashboard and Employee Action Form - Computing has released a new version of the financial dashboard to SEAS and HSPH which includes financial projections and cost modeling. The team also included a new costing change workflow for research staff, called EAF for short. The new workflow is significantly streamlined, resulting in significant time savings and accuracy for the folks that manage approximately 80 costing change requests per week.