Retiring SEAS home directories

SEAS Computing is starting the process of decommissioning SEAS local file servers.   These servers host SEAS home directory folders and files.

The target date for decommissioning all SEAS home directories is July 1st, 2018.

There are several alternatives in the Harvard environment for storing files including Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint, g.harvard Google Drive, and Harvard Dropbox. Below is a link to information on the HUIT Security website that you might find useful.

SEAS community members who have home directories will soon receive an email with a link to a Qualtrics survey. Please complete this survey to indicate whether you need help accessing your home directory, or with choosing an alternative location for the files in your  home directories.

Please note that this change does not affect shared group directories. Group directories will be decommissioned in phase 2 of this project. A timeline has not yet been established for phase 2.