SEAS Computing Downtime - Dec. 3: 8am - Noon

SEAS Computing will be performing system maintenance and migration on Saturday December 3 from 8am-noon. Some critial infrastructure will need to be powered down, resulting in an outage of a few hours that will affect multiple SEAS-hosted systems. This maintenance requires coordination from SEAS Computing, HUIT, and an external vendor. The time chosen was selected to minimize the impact to our community and to meet the availability of all involved. If this time causes a major problem for you, please contact as quickly as possible, as re-scheduling would require coordination among all three groups.

The affected services are:

SEAS file servers, specifically vfiler0 and vfiler1. All SEAS and EECS home directories, as well as SEAS and EECS group shares still on those systems, will be unavailable during the maintenance window.

Print servers will be unavailable.

SEAS account management - and - will not be available.

Not affected: SEAS and EECS email, SEAS and EECS web hosting, SEAS AWS hosted systems, code.seas

SEAS Active Directory and LDAP will continue running but with fewer servers so performace will be degraded.