Upcoming SEAS Legacy Networks Retirement

Beginning the week of January 21st, SEAS Computing will be removing legacy networks as we work with HUIT to make network improvements at SEAS.

If you have a fixed IP address on a device that you or your group owns or manages on any of these ranges: 10.243.33.*, 10.243.34.* or 10.243.44.* -

  1. Please send an email to seas-legacy-networks@seas.harvard.edu by Wednesday, January 16th providing details about the device and its functionality. 
  2. SEAS Computing can create a new fixed IP for you in the new address space. 

If you do not have a fixed IP on one of these networks, you don’t need to do anything.

Please see the following page for instructions on how to find your IP:


If you are running experiments that require constant communication between devices, please let us know so that we can schedule your change at a time (before January 22nd) that would not interrupt your work

If you are using one of the above IP ranges in a dynamic fashion, on the day the change happens for your building (please see schedule below), your internet access will be interrupted for a minute and should be back without intervention.  If it does not come back, disconnect the network cable for 10 seconds and plug it back in. If still doesn't solve the problem, please send us an email at seas-legacy-networks@seas.harvard.edu.

IMPORTANT: Devices using fixed IPs on these legacy networks that are not moved to new address space before the network is changed will experience network connectivity issues after the network changes have been made.

Network change schedule by building:

- ESL: Tues Jan 22
- Pierce: Thur Jan 24
- MD: Fri Jan 25
- Lise: Wed Jan 30
- McKay + Cruft: Thu Jan 31

If you have any questions, please email seas-legacy-networks@seas.harvard.edu