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Groups (Typically Startups) Looking for Team Members

Newsletter Sent Monday, May 11, 2020


 Mozilla Builders Open Lab Incubator Program

My name is Romy Sayah, I am a recent grad from Harvard GSD. I have joined the Mozilla Builders Open Lab incubator program this spring, with 3 teammates from the Design school and the Department of Music with intersecting skills in Tech, Business and Product Management. We are looking for a full stack React Native Developer to join us for the remaining 5 weeks of this awesome experience! We hope it is you!

The Mozilla Builders is a great way to execute a project within a short time period, with a chance to enter the funded summer incubator program. Our program offers weekly mentorship hours, and a chance to present the final product during demo day (June 12th) to the Mozilla community.

To tell you more about our idea, it will a mobile social media app that lets friends have a real time jamming session online.

We are excited to meet you!!

Please reply directly to Romy ( if you have questions and want to know more about our project!

Jam Session Team

Romy, Nicolas, Kate, David


Newsletter Sent Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Startup out of University of Miami looking for CTO

My name is Cooper Emmons <>, and I am a sophomore studying Quantitative Economics at the University of Miami. I am reaching out to you because I am in the process of launching a startup in the Fantasy Sports industry. My partner Burt Gesner <>, who is studying Finance at Babson College, and I are currently in the process of interviewing candidates to join our team and fill the position of CTO. Specifically, we are searching for highly driven students who are capable programmers, and who ideally have had previous website development experience. We are reaching out to you as well as many of the other top Computer Science programs in the country to see if there are any students who would be interested in joining our venture.


Newsletter Sent Monday, April 20, 2020


Startup out of Clarkson University looking for Front-End Web Developer

Kehinde Fasehun, a student at Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York, sent the following request. "I am writing to you because I am currently working on a tech startup aimed at developing a social networking site. My team and I are reaching out to you because we are unable to find a web developer (Front end) at our own school and want to expand our search. My team consists of five talented students, two of which are seniors, one junior and a freshman. My team and I are hoping you could help us with reaching out to a student Web developer (Front end). We intend on compensating any student that joins our startup with equity. Thank you."

Kehinde Fasehun - fasehuka AT

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics '23 MBA '24 Clarkson University



Steve Mckenzie is a technology business executive who is looking for someone to join him on his startup mission and help bring his vision to life. Ideal candidates will consider themselves competent full-stack developers who can both build a technology platform and contribute to the ideation phase of the product. He is looking for a strong technical partner who has the potential to become a co-founder and CTO.  He is offering to pay.

In Phase One; Torkwen (an anagram for Network) aims to change the way we connect and maintain contact with people and businesses in our life. Device and platform-agnostic, Torkwen ensures your address book follows you wherever you are and never needs updating or editing. No weird user names required, it's easy to connect and disconnect (should you fall out) from people, and you always have full control over who has your details. In Phase Two and Three, Torkwen grows into a messaging and B2C payments platform allowing users to pay utility and other bills with one click via text.  

If you are interested in exploring this further and have the necessary skills, then please reach out to Steve via email (smckenzie72 AT to set up a call.

Taha Khan, MD, an MPH student at Harvard Chan is looking for someone to help develop an algorithm for our venture, Plan A.  Plan A in a social enterprise currently being incubated at Harvard Innovation Labs, as part of the Venture Incubation Program. We are designing a remote mentoring solution, for first-generation high school students in urban India. We are on the lookout for someone with a computer science background, to help us design an algorithm to match mentors and mentees. For more information or to sign up, students are encouraged to send a Resume/CV and letter of interest to