Previous CSE Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

For students who matriculated into the SM or ME program before or during the fall of 2017.

Requirements for the SM degree address these learning outcomes.  A total of eight courses are required.

Each student's plan of study for the SM degree will include:

  • at least three of the four core courses.
  • at least one Applied Math elective and one Computer Science elective chosen from the suggested electives list.
  • up to two “domain electives”—approved courses within a domain of study. If two domain electives are included in the plan of study at least one of them must be computation-intensive.
  • up to one semester-length independent research project.
  • up to one semester of the AC 297r capstone project course.
  • up to one semester of the AC 298r seminar course.
  • as a final requirement, an oral examination by a faculty committee. 

SM course requirements at a glance:

  SM requirements min max
1. Core 3 4
2. Applied Math electives 1 4
3. Computer Science electives 1 4
4. Domain electives 0 2
5. AC 297r capstone project course 0 1
6. AC 298r seminar 0 1
7. AC 299r independent study research course 0 1
  Total 8