Express Reservation Rooms

The following rooms can be reserved in EMS for immediate use if available and no set-up needs are required. For reservations falling on a holiday, please contact

- Maxwell Dworkin 123
- Maxwell Dworkin 223
- Maxwell Dworkin 323
- Pierce Hall 320
- Northwest Building B150
- Northwest Building B166
- 20 University Road 646A
- 20 University Road 646B
- 20 University Road 646C
- 20 University Road 646ABC (the three rooms above with no dividing walls)
- 20 University Road 660 - Desk 1
- 20 University Road 660 - Desk 2
- 20 University Road 660 - Desk 3
- 20 University Road 665
- 20 University Road 681

How to Book an Express Reservation in EMS:

1) Scroll over "Reservations" in the EMS menu and select "Express Reservation."
2) Fill in your event details. Note: Please check the date of your reservation (e.g., that it doesn't fall on a holiday), the time of your reservation (AM vs PM) and the attendance number (rooms will not show as available if your reservation attendance is not within the room's min./max. capacity numbers).
3) You will receive an email confirming your reservation immediately after you have submitted your reservation. No approval is needed for an express reservation.