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Nested Wrinkles in Skin

Wrinkles occur on scales varying from a few nanometers (in thin films) to hundreds of kilometers (on the surface of the earth), in a variety of natural phenomena (see above). Typically wrinkling, buckling and other mechanical instabilities have been treated as a nuisance to be avoided rather than an exquisite pattern to be exploited. However, once they are understood, it is possible to control and even use them. Our recent work focuses on one such attempt to understand, control and use wrinkling patterns.

Image courtesy of Jan Genzer
Image courtesy of Jan Genzer

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  • Self-similar nested wrinkling patterns in skins,
    K. Efimenko, M. Rackaitis, E. Manias, A. Vaziri, L. Mahadevan and J. Genzer, Nature — Materials, 4, 293-97, 2005.  Click here for PDF version of article.



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