Standing Committees

Computing Advisory Committee
Oversees SEAS computing strategic priorities, policies, and resource allocation.
James Waldo (Chair)
Tim Bowman
Fawwaz Habbal
Daniel Jacob
Scott Kuindersma
Bob Sproull
Robin Wordsworth


Engineering S.B. External Advisory Committee
Provides external perspective and advises the Dean on ABET-related issues, planning, and visitation follow-up.
Lynn Stein (Chair)

Drew Carlson
Daniel Curran
Anna Dunavin (recording)
Moira Forberg
Dan Needleman (E-O)
David Hwang (E-O)
Frank Keutsch (E-O)
Zhiming Kuang (E-O)
Marko Loncar (E-O)
Christ Richmond 
Warren Seering
Joost Vlassak (E-O)
Parris Wellman
Griffin Weber


Executive Team
Oversees planning for all strategic aspects of the organization, including: finance and budget, administration and staffing, physical resources and space, IT, resource development, communications, and the fundraising campaign, including financial relationships with FAS, other Schools and the Center, and enhanced space, financial, and campus planning for Allston and the Campaign.
Frank Doyle (Chair)
Annmarie Allen
Tim Bowman
Anas Chalah
Cathy Chute
Tim Fater
Fawwaz Habbal
Crate Herbert
David Hwang
Paul Karoff
Pam Redfern
Diane Schneeberger
James Waldo


Faculty Resource Advisory Committee
Represents the faculty, advises the Dean on financial resource matters, and assists the Dean in communicating financial information to the faculty.
Frank Doyle (chair)
David Brooks (AY sabbatical)
Tim Bowman
Tim Fater
David Mooney
Joost Vlassak


Graduate Admissions & Scholarship Committee
Oversees graduate admissions process and selection of fellowship/scholarship recipients.
Daniel Jacob (Chair)
Marie Dooley (E-O)
Julie Holbrook (E-O)
David Hwang (E-O)
     Graduate Admissions and Scholarship (AM)

     Madhu Sudan (Chair)
     Ariel Amir


     Graduate Admissions and Scholarship (AP)
     Donhee Ham (Chair)
     Shmuel Rubinstein
     Amir Yacoby


     Graduate Admissions and Scholarship (CS)
     Eddie Kohler (Chair)
     Krzysztof Gajos


     Graduate Admissions and Scholarship (Diversity)
     Vinothan Manoharan (Chair)
     David Cox
     Kathryn Hollar
     Peter Huybers
     Jelani Nelson    
     Radhika Nagpal
     Sasha Rush
     Maurice Smith
     Sheila Thomas


     Graduate Admissions and Scholarship (ES-BIO)
     Philippe Cluzel (Chair)
     Conor Walsh


     Graduate Admissions and Scholarship (ES-EE)
     Robert Wood (Chair)
     Flavio du Pin Calmon


     Graduate Admissions and Scholarship (ES-ESE)
     Scot Martin (Chair)
     Robin Wordsworth
     Graduate Admissions and Scholarship (ES-MSME)

     Michael Aziz (Chair)
     Xin Li


Graduate Education Policy Committee (GEPC)
Reviews plans for graduate educational program development and policy issues related to graduate mentoring, progress towards degree, course requirements, TF personnel issues, thesis and quals, etc. for PhD and master’s programs. Responsible for graduate student policies as noted in the CHD policy document.
Fawwaz Habbal (Chair, fall) (Member, spring)
Les Valiant (Chair, spring)
Joanna Aizenberg
Federico Capasso 
Yiling Chen
Anna Dunavin (recording)
John Girash (E-O)
David Hwang (E-O)
Efthimios Kaxiras
James Rice (fall)
Stuart Shieber (fall)
Elsie Sunderland
Eli Tziperman (spring)
Daniel Weinstock (E-O)
Scot Martin (spring)


Committee on Higher Degrees (CHD) (Applied Math/Computer Science)
Reviews and approves program plans of PhD and master's students.  Approves PhD student requests for delaying the qualifying exam.  Assigns the Dean's nominee to PhD qualifying exam committee.
Yiling Chen (Co-Chair)
Stuart Shieber (Co-Chair, fall)
Les Valiant (Co-Chair, spring)

Cynthia Dwork (fall)
John Girash (E-O)
Ann Greaney-Williams (E-O)
David Hwang (E-O)
HT Kung
Stratos Idreos
Margo Levine
James Mickens (fall)
Alexander (Sasha) Rush


Committee on Higher Degrees (CHD) (Applied Physics)
Reviews and approves program plans of PhD and master's students.  Approves PhD student requests for delaying the qualifying exam.  Assigns the Dean's nominee to PhD qualifying exam committee.
Federico Capasso (Chair)
John Girash (E-O)
Ann Greaney-Williams (E-O)
Lene Hau 
Doeke Hekstra
David Hwang (E-O)
Philip Kim (spring)
Frans Spaepen (fall)
Robert Westervelt (spring)


Committee on Higher Degrees (CHD) (Engineering Sciences)
Reviews and approves program plans of PhD and master's students.  Approves PhD student requests for delaying the qualifying exam.  Assigns the Dean's nominee to PhD qualifying exam committee.
Fawwaz Habbal (Chair)
John Girash (E-O)
Ann Greaney-Williams (E-O)
David Hwang (E-O)


Higher Degrees (BIO)

     Neel Joshi
     David Mooney (fall)
     Higher Degrees (EE)
     Demba Ba
     Yue Lu
     Higher Degrees (ESE)
     Brian Farrell (fall)
     David Keith (spring)
     Elsie Sunderland
     Eli Tziperman (spring)
     Higher Degrees (MSME)
     Katia Bertoldi (fall)
     Prineha Narang
     Zhigang Suo (spring)


Committee on Higher Degrees (CHD) (Computational Science and Engineering)
Reviews and approves program plans of master's students and CSE Secondary Field programs of PhD students.
Efthimios Kaxiras (Chair)
Katia Bertoldi
Michael Brenner
Fawwaz Habbal
Zhiming Kuang
Cherry Murray
David Parkes
Hanspeter Pfister
Christopher Rycroft
Margo Seltzer
James Waldo


Committee for Higher Level Award Nominations
Identify candidates from SEAS faculty for high level awards (e.g., NAE, NAS, etc.).
Frank Doyle (chair)
Evelyn Hu
Barbara Grosz
David Mooney
Venkatesh Narayanamurti


MDE Executive Committee
Reports to the Dean of SEAS and the Dean of GSD. Oversees all academic and curricular issues related to the MDE program.
Martin Bechthold (Faculty Co-Director)
Woodward Yang (Faculty Co-Director)

Fawwaz Habbal
K. Michael Hays


Steering Committee 
Advises the Dean on strategic academic and administrative planning; reviews search and promotion reports prior to full faculty deliberations; monitors tenure-track faculty progress, mentoring committees, and advises the Dean on special cases; prepares one and three year teaching plans; reviews space and financial strategic plans.
Frank Doyle (Chair)
Tim Bowman
Federico Capasso (Applied Physics Area Chair) (fall)
David Clarke (Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering Area Chair)
Fawwaz Habbal
Paul Karoff (E-O)
Efthimios Kaxiras (Applied Math Co-Area Chair)
Jennifer Lewis (Bioengineering Area Chair) (fall)
L. Mahadevan (Applied Math Co-Area Chair)
Eric Mazur (Applied Physics Area Chair) (spring)
Samir Mitragotri (Bioengineering Area Chair) (spring)
Diane Schneeberger (E-O)
Daniel Schrag (Environmental Science and Engineering Area Chair)
Salil Vadhan (Computer Science Area Chair)
Gu-Yeon Wei (Electrical Engineering Area Chair)


Undergraduate Engineering Committee (UEC)
Oversees all engineering concentration policies (and serves as the College's ES concentration committee), including their management, relevant course content including engineering content for ABET, learning outcomes, and preparation for ABET reviews (including meeting with the advisory committee). Proposes new policies or changes such as course numbering, requirements and desired learning outcomes for prerequisite courses for engineering concentrations and grade requirements.
Zhiming Kuang (Chair)
Anas Chalah (E-O)
Anna Dunavin (recording)
Fawwaz Habbal
Marko Loncar
Dan Needleman
David Hwang (E-O)
Frank Keutsch
Christopher Lombardo (E-O)
Linsey Moyer (E-O)
Patrick Ulrich (E-O)
Joost Vlassak


Allston Space Program Faculty Leads
Robert Howe
David Parkes
Robert Wood


Cambridge Space Program Faculty Leads
Evelyn Hu
Eli Tziperman
Robert Westervelt


Director of Graduate Studies
Serves as primary contact for applicable graduate program regarding curricular issues, policy exceptions and petitions, and advisor issues.  Ordinarily chairs the applicable CHD.
Yiling Chen (Applied Math)
Federico Capasso (Applied Physics)
Efthimios Kaxiras (Computational Science and Engineering)
Stuart Shieber (Computer Science) (fall)
Les Valiant (Computer Science) (spring)
Fawwaz Habbal (Engineering Sciences)


Director of Undergraduate Studies
Serves as primary contact for applicable undergraduate concentration regarding advising and curricular issues.
Sean Eddy (Applied Math) (Co-DUS) 
Elie Tamer (Applied Math) (Co-DUS) 
Dan Needleman (Bioengineering)
Stephen Chong (Computer Science) (Co-DUS)
Steven J. Gortler (Computer Science) (Co-DUS, fall)
Boaz Barak (Computer Science) (Co-DUS, spring)
Zhiming Kuang (Engineering Sciences)
Frank Keutsch (Environmental Science and Engineering)
Marko Loncar (Electrical Engineering)
Joost Vlassak (Mechanical Engineering)


MS/MBA Program Faculty Co-Directors
Rob Howe
Tom Eisenmann


SEAS/Harvard Centers/Initiatives Directors or Co-Directors

China Project: Michael McElroy (Chair)
CIQM: Robert Westervelt (Director)
CNS: Robert Westervelt (Director)
CRCS: Margo Seltzer (Faculty Director)
Data Science Initiative: David Parkes (Co-Director)
HUCE: Peter Huybers (Co-Director), Daniel Schrag (Director)
IACS: Efthimios Kaxiras (Faculty Director)
Kavli: Joanna Aizenberg (Co-Director)
LInc: Fawwaz Habbal (Admin Director), Eric Mazur (Faculty Director)
MRSEC: David Weitz (Director)
Rowland: Cynthia Friend (Director)
Wyss: Donald Ingber (Founding Director)


SEAS faculty on non-SEAS committees (FAS-wide, University-wide)

BASF Advanced Research Initiative Scientific Advisory Board: David Weitz
Center for Brain Science Steering Committee: Leslie Valiant
FAS Educational Policy Committee: Gu-Yeon Wei
Data Science Initiative Committees: David Parkes (Steering, Planning, Education Committees), Cynthia Dwork (Planning Committee), Sean Eddy (Planning, Education Committees), Hanspeter Pfister (Steering, Planning, Education Committees), James Waldo (Infrastructure Committee)
FAS Dean's Faculty Resources Committee:  David Parkes, Sharad Ramanathan, Joost Vlassak
FAS Standing Committee on Higher Degrees in Data Science: David Parkes, Hanspeter Pfister, Margo Seltzer, James Waldo, Salil Vadhan, Finale Doshi-Velez, Susan Murphy, Efthimios Kaxiras