Topics Winter 2010

Dean's Note: Innovation doesn't just happen by itself

The evolution of bioengineering at SEAS, as explored in this issue, is a perfect case in point.

More than a decade ago, my predecessor, Venkatesh “Venky” Narayanamurti took a major risk in ramping up faculty and resources to explore the realm where physics and chemistry meet biology. [read more]

Feature Article: Bioengineering in Bloom (featuring web-only content)

Daniel Needleman, his hair in a long blond ponytail, sits behind his desk in the Northwest Lab building. Physics is where he got his start—in fact, everyone in his lab is a physicist—but you really have to call him a bioengineer.

Because that’s what he does: he uses approaches from physics to study cell biology. [read more]

Q&A with Amy Kerdok

Biomedical engineer Amy Kerdok (Ph.D. ’06) knows first hand how much a technological solution can affect a person’s life.

Now a Clinical Development Engineer at Intuitive Surgical in Sunnyvale, California, Kerdok develops new instrumentation, advanced visualization schemes, and robotic platforms that support and advance robotic surgery. [read more]

A Closer Look at Inverse Opals

The mineralized shells and skeletons of living creatures often look like works of art on the outside.

But a deeper look into their inner structures reveals an even more amazing view: an intricate network of tiny sponge-like pores. [read more]

Stealing from Nature

Joanna Aizenberg, who juggles two primary appointments, at the Radcliffe Institute and SEAS, escapes conventional expectations, “stealing” (her word) ingenious designs from bottom-dwelling sea creatures to enhance optics and even dissecting the ring under her coffee cup to fashion tools. [read more]

Around Oxford Street

The most recent community highlights, award listings, research briefs, new faculty hires, faculty news, alumni news, and recent gifts. [read more]


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