SEAS and Industry

SEAS partners with industry in a number of ways. Whether your organization is interested in research, direct interaction with students and faculty, or partnership on multiple levels, we will work with you to craft an engagement strategy that reflects your company’s interests. Our primary goal is to build long-term partnerships that support our students and faculty, while advancing SEAS’ mission, vision and values.

The following are some of the ways that your company can actively engage with SEAS. Please contact Ellie Carlough, Director of Corporate Partnerships or Keith Karasek, Director of Experiential and Career Development, for further information.


Job/Internship Postings

Internships and post-graduation positions should be posted on Crimson Careers (CC), the jobs database maintained by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Office of Career Services (OCS). CC reaches all undergraduates and students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, including students in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Career Fairs

The Office of Career Services runs a number of Career Fairs throughout the year.  If you'd like a recommendation as to which fair would be best for your company, contact Keith Karasek, Director of Experiential and Career Development or OCS directly.

2018/19  Schedule

Company Presentations

On-campus presentations are scheduled through OCS or through Student Clubs. Contact Keith Karasek for further information.

On-Campus Interviews

These are set up and run by OCS

Connecting with Students

Involvement in Clubs

Harvard’s Student Clubs are independently run organizations with their own parameters for engagement.  Several clubs are involved in design, construction projects, hackathons, conferences, etc. and actively seek support and guidance from experienced professionals.  

See this list of Student Organizations.

Classes and Class Projects

There are many opportunities to engage with SEAS’s education mission ranging from in-class lectures to sponsoring senior projects or providing practical material for classes that use real-world cases in their framework. Contact Ellie Carlough, Director of Corporate Partnerships for further information.

Company Tours or Job-Shadowing Experiences

Winter break provides an opportunity for short internships or job-shadowing opportunities. Winternships should be set up during the fall semester.  The Office of Career Services also runs some Boston-area company tours during the January term.