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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering at the Harvard School of Engineering studies systems that sense, analyze, and interact with the world. Electrical Engineers invent devices for sensing and actuation; they design physical substrates for computation; they create algorithms for analysis and control; and they expand the theory of information processing. Their practice is based in fundamental science and mathematics, and this creates opportunities for both theoretical and experimental research.

Electrical engineers at Harvard are pursuing work on diamond nanofabrication; quantum devices; integrated circuits for cellular biotechnology; millimeter-scale robots; hardware for machine learning; the optimization of smart power grids and other networked systems; disentangling brain signals and mapping brain circuits; distilling information from large stochastic datasets; and the fundamental limits of private information sharing.

Area Chair for Electrical Engineering
Director of Graduate Studies for Engineering Sciences
Director of Undergraduate Studies for Electrical Engineering
Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies for Electrical Engineering
Assistant Director for Faculty and Academic Operations
Assistant Director for Faculty Support and Administration
Associate Director of Research Administration and Finance
Area Coordinator, Electrical Engineering