Xin Li

Xin Li

  • Assistant Professor of Materials Science


Xin Li’s research group focuses on the design of new energy related materials through advanced characterization and simulation. By combining electrochemistry, (in situ) electron microscopy, (in situ) X-ray diffraction and first principles computations, the relationship between atomistic structure and electrochemical property of materials is obtained. The scientific understanding guides the design of new materials with technological importance, including energy storage materials such as cathode, anode and solid electrolyte for lithium or sodium ion batteries with improved energy density, cyclability or diffusivity. This group also develops new tools for in situ electrochemical measurements with atomistic spatial and / or femtosecond temporal resolutions.

Contact Information

Office:Pierce 210
Assistant:Jessa S. Piaia
Assistant Office:Pierce 328A
Assistant Phone:(617) 496-9676
Research Mgr: Alex Man

Positions & Employment

2011-2015: Postdoctoral Scholar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2010-2011: Postdoctoral Scholar, California Institute of Technology


Graduate Student Silver Award from Materials Research Society, 2009

Member, Materials Research Society

Patents Awarded

Li, X.and Ceder, G. Sodium Manganese Iron Cobalt Nickel Oxide, Na(Mn0.25Fe0.25Co0.25Ni0.25)O2, A New Cathode Material for Sodium Ion Batteries. U.S. application No.: 62/043522, patent filed, 2014 

Ceder,G.,Lee,J.,Kim,S.,Li,X.Molybdenum oxides and uses thereof, U.S. Patent Application No.: 14/044814, patent filed, 2013

Ceder, G.,Lee,J.,Urban,A.,Li,X.,Kim,S.,Hautier,G.High capacity positive electrode active material, U.S. Patent Application No.: 14/044596, patent filed, 2013

Ceder,G.,Lee,J.,Urban,A.,Li,X.,Kim,S.,Hautier,G.High capacity positive electrode active material, International Patent Application PCT/US 2013/063094, patent filed, 2013