Milind Tambe

Milind Tambe

  • Gordon McKay Professor of Computer Science
  • Associate in Computer Science
  • Director CRCS Center for Research on Computation and Society
  • Director, Teamcore Research Group on Agents and Multiagent Systems


Tambe’s research focuses on advancing AI and multi-agent systems research for social good.
Examples of topics he has worked on include: (i) AI for the protection of forests, fish and wildlife; (ii) AI for public safety and security; (iii) AI for assisting low-resource populations of society. His research focuses on fundamental problems in computational game theory, machine learning, automated planning, intelligent agents, and multi-agent interactions that are driven by these topics, ensuring a virtuous cycle of research and real-world applications.
The security games framework that Prof. Tambe pioneered has been deployed and tested for security optimization, both nationally and internationally, by agencies such as the US Coast Guard and the Federal Air Marshals Service; and this framework is also at the basis of PAWS (Protection Assistant for Wildlife Security) that is in use by NGOs for protecting endangered wildlife.
In 2013, based on their research, Prof. Tambe and team co-founded Avata Intelligence. He serves as a member of the board of directors and as director of research at Avata Intelligence.

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Other Experience & Professional Membership

8/16-8/19, Founding Co-director CAIS Center for AI in Society, University of Southern California
8/12-8/19, Helen N. and Emmett H. Jones Professor in Engineering, University of Southern California
9/01-9/06, Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, University of Southern California (USC)
5/98-5/03, Project Leader, Information Sciences Institute (ISI), University of Southern California (USC)
3/00-9/01, Research Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, University of Southern California
2/94-3/00, Research Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, University of Southern California


2019, AAAI 2019 - Robert S. Engelmore Memorial Lecture Award

2018, IJCAI 2018 - John McCarthy Award

2013, ACM - Fellow Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery

2013, Meritorious Team Commendation from Commandant of the US Coast Guard

2011, Rist Prize, Military Operations Research Society

2012, Daniel H. Wagner Prize for Excellence in Operations Research Practice

2010, Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation Homeland Security Award

2007, AAAI - Fellow Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence

2005, ACM/SIGART - Autonomous Agents Research Award